Sunday, 1 July 2012

Spain wins Euro 2012 - where does India stand

Spain wins the Euro 2012 soccer title beating fancied Italy 4-0 at Kiev. Although Italy were looking dangerous after beating Germany on their way up to the final, but they were 'mollified' in the finals against Spain.Two winning goals were scored by substitutes Fernando Torres and Juan Mata, amongst others. All in all a tame finish to a big match billed so highly.
What is the impact of this soccer mania in India. We are excited to watch the matches, report it on media, but is that all there is to it. Soccer as a sport, like hockey, can really flourish in India, provided the real impetus is given to it. What we need is club level participation or training camps right from the village level upwards to the metros.
Soccer as a sport can give a lot of energy and drive to our 'misguided' youth and their negative energy can be channelized into positive energy, the way China has done. China has channelized all its might and youth power into sports and that showed in the recent games held there. They are bound to do well at the London Olympics too.What China has done can easily be achieved here too. But a sustained effort is needed by all, including sports academy's, sports coaches, sports bodies. A sport like soccer can be made popular in small villages as well, from where raw talent can emerge. A will is what is needed and we can look forward to a soccer crazy nation. Cheers!

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