Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The immortal Dara Singh - Rustam-e-hind

Dara Singh the immortal wrestler and later turned actor is no more now. He passed away today on 12th July 2012 at 7.30 am. He was in hospital for the past few days, and was on life saving support during his last hours.
Dara Singh remained undefeated during his wrestling career and more or less earned the title of Rustam-e-hind or the 'invincible Indian'. Thereafter he won the wrestling Commonwealth championship, and later on the World Championship. I still recall the furore and excitement which would be caused when we learnt that Dara Singh was coming to town for a wrestling bout. He was truly great.
Later he entered films and did innumerable films which did well at the box office. The last film he did was 'Jab we Met' and he would be remembered for his extremely sweet and stern character he played in that film. His dance steps in that film were extremely cute.
In television, he would be eternally remembered for his role of 'Lord Hanuman' as if he was tailor made for that role. His acting expression came through his 'eyes' in Lord Hanuman's role. He was just fantastic and his build and personality just added to that.
The film industry will remember the veteran Dara Singh - the man with a heart of gold and full of innocence writ large on his face.
May his Soul rest in peace, and his memory remain etched forever in our hearts'.
This is certainly not the end but the beginning of a life celebrated. Farewell Dara Singh.

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