Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Vishwaroopam unnecessary controversy


The ban imposed by the Tamil Nadu Govt on Kamal Haasan's film 'Vishwaroopam' despite clearance by the Censor Board is highly unjustified. If the Censor Board, the body entrusted with the certification of films for viewing in India has in its wisdom cleared the film for universal viewing, I don't see any reason why the State Govt should be stepping into the picture. This is nothing but growing intolerance on the part of fringe elements in our society who raise their ugly voices time and again to propagate their views which don't reflect the views of the majority. Sad that free thinkers, artists, academicians are being targeted by all and sundry for small and petty gains...
Some people are directly accusing the State Govt of going against Kamal Haasan and try and thwart his film Vishwaroopam. The film is essentially a spy thriller and deals with Al Qaeda and how their terror network plans an attack on New York. The story dates back primarily to Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan where the terrorists are accumulating Cesium from various devices to trigger off a Cesium blast in New York. The film has a story to tell and has apparently nothing or even vaguely remotely related to Muslims in India. God alone knows why the State Govt is protesting against the film along with the fringe elements - have they seen the film. This is nothing but 'orchestrated protests' as the film has largely been welcomed in other States like Kerala and neighboring States. The CM should wake up and lift the ban off the film. It should stop playing 'super censor'. The film has already been cleared for UA viewing by the Censor Board and that's the settled position. Everything else is unnecessary controversy. 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Punjabi by nature.... #JLF...Jaipur Lit Fest 2013

There were lots of beautiful moments at the 5 day Jaipur Lit Festival 2013, which has just got over. One such session was 'Punjabi by Nature' in which authors Ravindra Singh, Kishwar Desai, Navtej Sarna, Shauna Singh Baldwin shared their views moderated very ably by Nirupama Dutt. Held at the highly innovative Google Mughal tent the discussion was cute, crisp and totally Punjabi in nature.
Interesting anecdotes were shared by all the Punjabis on the dais....and they read out from their respective books. One thing must be said that Punjabis' can be found all over the globe, and the way they adapt to all things new goes a long way in outlining their resilient nature. They had to bear the brunt of partition when the Nation was bifurcated in two parts, in what is now known as Pakistan. Most of the Punjabis preferred to migrate to India and those who resisted were driven out by the communal flames which broke out at that time. Starting from scratch with nothing, displaced and in some cases losing their loved ones in the communal riots, in a strange and new city is enough to land anybody into deep depression. But not so Punjabis', they have fought tooth and nail for their existence, their identity, their survival and finally their pride for their Motherland. All this churning has naturally made them tough and as I said resilient. That probably explains their rough nature and tough exterior, but in most cases, a soft interior and a heart full of gold. Having lost everything they wouldn't want to lose out again.... So much for their nature. But


Punjabis are also known for their fun loving nature as well as food loving palate. Known for their hard work and industrious nature, they work hard in the day, whether it means working as a farmer in their fields, or working as businessmen in their industries. At night they love to party or eat their favorite food which many of us would believe is butter chicken or sarson da saag teh maken di roti....
Many of them,mostly the young, love listening to loud music or the men do the bhangra and the giddha which is performed by the women folk of Punjab. That also explains the success of rap music of say Honey Singh or full throat ed music and lyrics of say Gurdas Mann, Amrinder Gill, Malkit Singh and countless others. For the older crowd it is melodious ghazals or countless number of Punjabi folk lore available throughout the length and breadth of Punjab.
So its a fact that Punjabis can't live without their music, their good food, and of course how can one forget their love for fast and expensive cars. You go to any remote village in Punjab and you'll come across the costliest of models and the snazziest of cars which are all available. You name the brand and they are all there. whether its Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda or anything new which hits the market has to first debut in Punjab.So this is the vivacious character of Punjab and its people.
Literature has also blossomed so far as Punjabi writers are concerned. Names which immediately come to mind are, Amrita Pritam, Balraj Sahni, Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon, Kartar Singh Duggal, Balwant Gargi, Sharif Kunjahi, Chaman Lal, and countless others...
How can one forget the Punjabi contribution to Bollywood... Whether its the actors, songwriters musicians directors or producers, Punjabis are really dominating the film industry, although its a fact that Hindi film industry welcomes talent in any form and from any region....and those who have the talent have made it big there.
Last but not the least the defense forces of our Country have a lot of Punjabis contributing their might and have always come forward in the defense of the Nation. In fact Punjabis have made their mark in all fields of life, whether medicine, law, or any other profession...
Punjabis have therefore contributed their mite to dance, song, literature, and of course living in the fast lane is their passion. The latest fashion trends are also either emanating from Punjabis or its being consumed by them at a rapid pace. So the views expressed by the speakers is fully justified by the zinda dili and the josh present in the Punjabis. Their Punjabiyat so to say, yet Punjabis easily assimilate all cultures, celebrate and respect other religions and are generally by nature tolerant. So all in all, a good tolerant race full of fun, zest for life and known to live life Kingsize. So for all the kakas', and bhapes', its Cheers for Punjabis.....Everybody else, I love u all.....

Friday, 25 January 2013

Literary Feast - Jaipur Literary Festival 2013


January 24th 2013 - As I set out on my journey for the Jaipur Literary Festival 2013 my heart was filled with expectations and a bit of apprehension too....Expectations, because this was my first visit to this much hyped literary meet, as I had heard so much about it. Last year I had really wanted to visit but backed out at the last moment as the Festival was mired in controversy. The last being about Salman Rushdie not being allowed to visit due to pressure from fundamentalist elements for his work 'The Satanic Verses' being hyped up for no rhyme or reason. This year too I was apprehensive as certain fringe elements had threatened the Festival again as four writers who had read out verses from 'The Satanic Verses' had again been invited... However, the organizers had learnt from their past mistakes and were better prepared to deal with all eventualities. Moreover they were not prepared to give in to a handful of protesters out to get publicity at the alter of the Festival. So this time I resolved more than ever to travel to Jaipur and finally make up for the loss of time and so here I am. 
The Festival opened my eyes to the sheer delight of meeting your writing icons face to face. Even if they were not your icons, the discussions, the interactions, book releases, exchange of ideas was all so refreshing that it leaves one gasping for more. The city of Jaipur,known for its stories of valor, rustic romanticism, earthy charm, beautiful music and folklore,coupled with its hospitality and bright sunshine is the ideal host to this great Literary Festival, and sets the perfect backdrop to this awe inspiring meet. This year's attractions so far have been Pico Iyer, Javed Akhtar, Dalai Lama, Shabana Azmi, Prasoon Joshi, Faramerz Dabhoiwala, Debra Merchant, Kishwar Desai and countless others....
The setting at the Festival is perfect, the chattering of the birds as the evening sets in, the warm but re assuring sun shine pouring in from in between the curtains put up at various enclosures, and best of all the names of the enclosures itself...Charbagh, Tata Steel Front Lawns, Google Mughal Tent, Baithak, Counselage Durbar Hall and Samvad....all so romantic and breath taking.....Its been really heart warming so far, and I can't help but attend the full length of the Festival, although initially I had planned to leave early. Only hope the weather stays that way and there are no rain interruptions. So as they say Cheers....

Monday, 21 January 2013

Priyanka at Filmfare Awards 2012

                                  Image Courtesy: Bollyone,

If ever there was an award for the most glamorous looking and candid actor at the 58th Filmfare Awards on Sunday Priyanka would have won it hands down...She was easily the show stopper at the event, and was the cynosure of all eyes. She managed to set aflutter a lot of hearts, but broke a  lot of hearts, when the award for her stunning performance in Barfi didn't bring her the expected coveted black lady. Although the Best Actor award eluded her, but her composure was intact, and that's what sets her apart......
The year belongs to you, and there will be many more awards....Cheers! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Priyanka Chopra - In My City ft. (Lyric Video)

Rahul Gandhi - enigma or super charmer


Rahul Gandhi - the super charmer or the enigma - his own creation or the hype created by the media. He is today India's most eligible bachelor, a topic which has taken the backseat for now, perhaps in all the hurly burly of managing the affairs of the Party he represents, and the difficult situations surrounding the Nation.
A true gentleman by nature, clear intelligent thinker, but doesn't have the complete freedom to implement his ideas and his decisions, so some call him out of sync perhaps, but those who know him will vouch for the fire smoldering inside him, to do some good work for his Country. His lineage beckons him time and again and doesn't make him forget his responsibilities towards his Party, his Country and the people he represents.
Those who don't wish to see him rise in Indian politics, mostly his detractors from the Opposition, keep cooking up all sorts of jargon about him, various stories regarding his understanding of the current situation, his silence which is sometimes mistaken for ignorance....but then that's been his style throughout...not to speak out too much at this juncture, because he knows people more senior than him, more mature are at the helm of affairs and he's not supposed to keep commenting on their working style.
However he continues to absorb and assimilate everything going on in the Nation and lends his ear sympathetically to almost every problem which keeps cropping up every now and then.
One more thing is certain, he is young and like all youngsters, needs his moments of fun, and privacy, so nothing wrong in that. Even the biggest of 'prudes' will not deny or grudge him his moments of privacy.
Fact remains however Rahul is not hungry for power, but people are now looking for a viable alternative like Rahul Gandhi to lead the Congress party back to power in 2014. Nobody wants the Nation to slip back into ignorance and backwardness from the glorious point it is perched on at the present moment. Rahul as and when he comes to power will definitely show his mettle, and his ability to take the Country forward will emerge to the fore. If Akhilesh Yadav can lead U.P. there's no reason why Rahul Gandhi who has politics in his blood and has watched generations in his family do nothing but lead the Country forward, will fail to take up the responsibility, as and when handed down to him.
So keep the faith....and as usual Cheers for Rahul Gandhi.....

Friday, 18 January 2013

Lat Lag Gayee - Race 2 - Official Song Video - Saif Ali Khan & Jacquelin...

Lat Lag Gayee - Lyrics

Beimaan, Dil bada be-imaan
Hota nahi aasaan isey hai samjhana
Beimaan, Dil bada be-imaan
Tere liye shaitan
Meri naa ek maana

Dil jeete yaa main jeetu
Dekhungi dekhega tu
Lo dil se sharat lag gaye
Mujhe tto teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi
Zamaana kahe lat yeh ghalat lag gayi
Mujhe tto teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi
Zamaana kahe lat yeh galat lag gayi
Mujhe to teri aa aa aa aah yeah
Aaa aa aa aah yeah
Aahh aah aa aa Lat lag gayi
Mujhe toh teri aa aah aa aa yeh
Aa aa aa aah yeah..

Roku jitna utni bagawat ho
Lagta hai aisa haal-e-dil ki tum zaroorat ho (x2)

Mujhko bhi tu zaroori
Tu bhi nashein main poori
O kaisi yeh talab lag gayi

Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi
Zamaana kahe lat yeh ghalat lag gayi (x2)

Mujhe to teri aa aa aa aah yeah
Aaa aa aa aah yeah aah aa Lat lag gayi (x2)
Mujhe to teri

Ek tu, ek main, ek baat hui apni
Hairaan hai kyun saara jahaan
Jo raat hui apni (x2)

Mujhse tu aake mila
Toh yeh hua hai sila
Ki sau tohmat lag gayi

Mujhe toh teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi
Zamaana kahe lat yeh galat lag gayi (x2)

Mujhe to teri aa aa aa aah yeah
Aaa aa aa aah yeah aa aa aa Lat lag gayi (x2)
Mujhe to teri...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Priyanka at the Filmfare nominations 2012

                                              Courtesy : From Priyanka's website

Priyanka Chopra as seen at the 58th Filmfare Awards nominations 2012. Her film Barfi has been nominated in as many as 9 categories....including Best Actor - Female for which Priyanka is the front runner...We wish her all the best for this beautiful, poignant and moving, heart wrenching performance as Jhilmil in the film Barfi...and with the good wishes of her fans and well wishers she will definitely emerge as a winner...... Besides she is a wonderful person, soft and warm....very caring and totally in love with her family....Carry on angel and may u continue to rule till the time u wish to do so.......Cheers!

Sunny Leone invokes blessings of Lord Ganesha

                                Image courtesy : Miss and Ranjit Rodricks

Sunny Leone at the Siddhivinayak Temple at Mumbai invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha before the start of her new Hindi film.
Sunny as we all know has started her new innings in life as a Bollywood film heroine. We wish her all the best in this en devour.
She sure is looking divine.....

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Daboo Ratnani's magical calender 2013

All images are courtesy of Bollywood Hungama and of course Daboo Ratnani

This is a series of Part 1 of the exhilarating images(courtesy Bollywood Hungama) done by the magical lens of Daboo Ratnani....and by jove its a job well done.....each and every detail has been gone into, the angle, the lights, costume, expression, the all shows, and I know now why stars are falling over each other to get 'caught' in Daboo's camera...
Superb work and please carry on the good work..... Cheers!

                                              Remaining part of the calender 2013