Monday, 31 December 2012

Adieu to the old and ring in the new...


As the year comes to a close, time to introspect on the happenings all the year round...and to bring in the new as usual...The year has been a mixed bag but the position really deteriorated towards the end. The gruesome happenings of rape, murder, molestation, and so many crimes reported from all parts of India have really brought the people alive to the grim situation prevailing in our Country. People have to introspect on the reasons, the catalyst factors, the social upbringing, the mind set, the attitudes, the social and cultural causes. Come what may, this has to change and change it will, by the collective will of the people of India and the might of the Govt thrown in.
Although its true that the blame game will get us nowhere but its time for everybody to wake up and accept their responsibilities. Whoever has a say in shaping opinions be they from the political, cultural, media, or executives have to accept responsibility for this mess. While the people have to start cleansing from within, a general churning is required to bring about awareness which will bring in the changes we are looking for. Knee jerk re actions and calls for ban this, sack that, shun this and castrate that will not help, because attitudes don't change overnight.  Its better if responsible people in responsible positions themselves come out to denounce sexist comments and tell the people it was just meant to entertain and nothing beyond it. That will have the desired effect.
Its but natural for us to feel angry about events, but the solution should be looked for and start being implemented instead of retrograde steps like banning people and shunning ideas. People who propagate such ideas should themselves realize their position in social circuits and common masses and should come out with solutions. That would also mean an introspection of sorts and self cleansing.
Anyway, enough of preaching. The younger lot especially the urban lot seem a lot more educated and know their rights and duties very well. They will definitely come out with solutions to this malaise surrounding us. What is needed is the education of our rural masses and those living in smaller towns and cities, across the length and breadth of our Country. The Govt at this time should be responsive enough to come out with speedy solutions, and act in a mature manner.
All the best for the coming year -  may it be better than the best, full of hope and joy, and prosperity. Happy 2013...and Cheers!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Charming and the Debonair

Courtesy : Miss Malini

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Simply roses......

The fragrance of a rose is enough to lull your senses...that's why it's the king or queen of all flowers. Try standing in the middle of a rose garden or place decorated by roses only...u'll know exactly what I mean...A merry Christmas to all...keep smiling and spreading fragrance...Cheers!