Saturday, 8 December 2012

The inglorious defeat - at Eden

Another humiliating defeat at Eden Gardens - but the manner in which the Indian team batted in the 2nd innings was terrible - the amount of unnecessary run outs, the lack lustre batting all contributed to the defeat. Had the team managed to bat more sensibly and put some more runs on the score board the outcome could have been different. A little bit of pressure on the English team and who knows the score could have been positive. The 3 wickets falling in quick succession on the 5th day of the English team lends credence to this that the Eng team is not invincible and can crumble also.

So was Dhoni's approach too timid? I sincerely think so. The way he handled his bowlers and didn't motivate them too much to register a thumping victory shows a negative mind set at play. The earlier coach was paying attention on 2 crucial aspects of the team - the playing morale of the team was always high, and the fitness levels of the team were never compromised. The present team looks helplessly inadequate on both fronts.

So the approach should be to gear up for a win. Play positive attacking cricket right from the start. By that I don't mean start playing mindless cricket or throw away your wicket. Not in the least. The approach should be to win. Play to your strength which is just not happening. The team appears strong only on paper. This team has to be put in execution mode.

Can't make too many changes at this stage but those who r not performing can be reassured and put at ease. Make them play for pride, not for their own glorification. So lets hope for the best and may India win the next one at Nagpur - all guns blazing - Cheers to that!

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