Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Mob attack on MLA Rumi Nath in Assam.

Who is Rumi Nath? Why was she attacked so badly along with her husband by a band of 100 odd muggers? Apparently, according to reports she was attacked as she had married a Muslim Jaki Jakir   (her second marriage). Rumi represents the Congress party from Borkhola assembly. Both of them were attacked in a hotel at Karimganj town in Assam,on Friday night, where they were staying after Rumi married her current second husband Jaki with whom she is now pregnant too, without divorcing her first husband Rakesh Singh.
This however doesn't mean that the mob fury takes over and people start dictating terms on morality on the couple and start to beat and 'try and lynch' them. Who are these people trying to get even with an elected representative of the people. Her personal life is 'hers' and nobody let alone a mob of rowdies have any right to comment on it, much less take law in their own hands.
Both of them have received extensive injuries, and are now being escorted to Gauhati to safety. Although police complaints have been lodged only 5 people have been arrested so far. Rumi has alleged that people tried to rape and kill her. So much for the moral brigade.
As Rumi was earlier elected to the Assembly in 2006 on a BJP ticket, there is apprehension she might have been attacked by people belonging to BJP party. Speculation is also there she was attacked by a Congress faction.Whatever the truth maybe, it's atrocious. All said and done, this kind of rowdy behavior is neither tolerable nor in the interest of anyone. Should be condemned by one and all and strict action needs to be taken by the State Govt in Assam against the mob who attacked the couple.

Happy Birthday Princess Diana

Lady Diana - the eternal Princess of Wales - it's her birth anniversary today. Had she been alive today, she would have truly made for a royal cute looking woman. Her charming smile, coquettish looks, beautiful high cheek bones had an aura to her, a royal haughty charm which was just too irresistible. Born on July 1, 1961, Diana became Lady Diana after her father got the title of Earl of Spencer. She later married Prince Charles the heir apparent to the throne of England, after what proved to be a 'whirlwind stormy romance'.
Lady Diana was always chased around by controversy, and was chased by Paparazzi as well, wherever she went. In fact she lost her life in a car crash in August 30, 1997, while trying to ward off the so called paparazzi who were chasing her in another car.
Although she divorced Prince Charles in 1996, she lives on more of a Princess than ever. While Charles may have lost some of his charm, but my Princess Diana still lives on - as charming as ever.... Cheers to a good soul.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Monday, 4 June 2012

Tere Bina(Tezz) - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

As good as it gets - Views -

As good as it gets - Views -

The MP's charming better half

Anjali Tendulkar is a charming lady and is all smiles on her husband Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar's swearing in ceremony as a Member of Parliament from the Rajya Sabha. Wishing Anjali and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar all the best for their future life and may they go from strength to strength. Cheers!