Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hey! It's Me Anita.............


Anita was all but sixteen, sweet sixteen as they say. She had celebrated her birthday a month ago in the beautiful month of April. Anita was a carefree cherubic character, fearless too, slightly tomboyish. She wasn't in the least concerned that it was a boy she was talking to or her girlfriends; and as her Mom had told her, beware the boys, maintain your distance with them. Don't mingle around too much with them or antagonize them.

This irked her the most. What did her Mom mean when she said don't 'antagonize' the boys? Hope she didn't mean 'give in' to their demands? Anita was equally confused with these kind of conflicting messages which her near and dear ones were giving her.

Right now she was on her way for her dance classes in South Extension in South Delhi and was in no mood to think about anything else much less losing out to 'sissy' boys. Her mood was defiant and her walk to the dance classes which was but half a kilometer away from her home showed her intent. She almost cut through the air as she walked forward taking strong giant steps full of confidence and zeal.

To a boy watching her walk with her hips swaying it would appear to be a walk which could be best described as sexy and alluring, but to her it was simply a march of conquest, oozing with confidence, nonchalant in nature.

She had barely crossed half the distance to the dance academy, when she heard a catcall from somewhere on her left side. She paid no attention but the catcalls continued and finally she had to glance that way. She could make out two boys in their teens, riding on a bike who were hell bent on spoiling her morning. She continued to ignore them but her glance at them seemed to encourage them and they took it as some kind of signal from her to carry on their nefarious activity.

As she became more aware of them she quickened her pace to her dance classes, slightly flustered but not scared.

Suddenly these two scoundrels who were following her came right in front of Anita and tried to block her way. This it seemed was the last straw.
 'How dare you block my way, you rascals ?' she shrieked at them. Her sudden outburst seemed to unnerve the two Romeos and the romantics took to their heels and disappeared from the scene.

She continued on with her onward march and within no time she was at the dance academy.
Once inside she put all her soul and energy into the performance picking up three new steps. So much so that her dance instructors were extremely pleased with her that day and said so.

'Hey Anita, it seems you've found a new energy level today. You're brimming with confidence today and I've never seen you so pepped up. Keep it up. Proud of you' the instructor praised her.
Anita was flattered too. She acknowledged the praise but she knew it was due to the new found confidence she had gained today. Her handling of the whole situation had made her overcome her biggest dilemma and perhaps fear.

After her class was over she went back the same way she had come, marching and swaying her hips the way she had earlier done. Only this time there was a hint of smile on her face and a glint in her eyes.

She knew she had conquered her biggest fear, the puzzle of facing and standing up to the world.
Move over world;
Anita had arrived.

Monday, 25 March 2013

thoughts......all random

If 'Life' be an open book; be gracious enough to 'read' it.

Today the doorbell rang early. Confused and sleepy eyed, I opened the door to find the man who takes my garbage, standing at the door, with a mobile and charger in his hand. For a moment I was perplexed, then I looked at the time, it was 6.30 in the morning.
'Saab(Sir), can you please put my mobile phone on charging in your home?' he blurted out before I could say anything.
I had slept slightly late, and was feeling a bit groggy at being woken up early. I looked at him, at the time and then called him in and asked him to plug in the mobile......just in time to see the smile light up his face stretching right up to his eyes.
'Go back to sleep saab(sir), sorry I woke you up.' he smiled as he made his hasty exit.
Yet for me, the morning had well begun.....and sleep had left for the day.....


New def of a credit card; hunt for pleasure, repent at leisure.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Salim - Sulaiman in Concert




Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Gift ....A short story ......


Bindiya was a happy girl today. She was wearing a shimmering new dress given to her by her godmother. It had beads; small mirrors stitched onto it, and had been bought from the roadside vendor who sits in the main bazaar. To top it all it was a gift of her own choice. Her godmother Rashmi had taken her in her car to the bazaar and said, 'Ok Bindiya, choose. Whatever dresses you like just go ahead and pick it up.'

She had ransacked the whole shop, looking for something attractive and suitable. Actually she liked everything, but she was faced with a choice. It was the first time she had been asked to choose something she wanted. It had never been like this before.

She remembered her childhood. She was the third child in the family of  five children. Her mother was a poor laborer who worked at the nearby construction site along with her father. She was very tiny and had to be carried to the site and was made to lie down in a pile of clothes near the manager's chair.

Her mother and father both used to toil hard in the hot  blazing sun from morning to evening carrying bricks and mortar from one place to another. Bindiya would keep lying in a corner staring up at the sky, kicking her weak and frail legs in the air and wondering when her mother would come to her and feed her some milk.

She remembered one day how her mother was working and this kind lady Rashmi who was passing by in her car just stopped her limousine near the construction site and simply stood gazing down at her. Something transpired between them. An unseen bond developed between the two and Rashmi immediately sent for some milk for Bindiya.

After that day everyday without fail the limousine would draw up in the evening and Rashmi would bring in some milk and other goodies for her.

Her mother moved on from one construction site to another and Rashmi too moved with them. Her behavior towards all of them was like family. Bindiya too now looked forward to Rashmi's visits as she was extremely kind and supportive. She told her stories which she had never heard before and always brought her some gift or the other.

Time flew by, and Bindiya turned five. It was then that Rashmi suggested schooling for her. Her mother was reluctant in the beginning.
'Where will we get the money to educate her Ma'am, we barely have enough to feed the family?' she pleaded with Rashmi. But Rashmi was having none of that. She prevailed upon her parents' to allow Bindiya to join school.

'You don't have to worry about her expenses. I'll pay for everything. You just let her join. Give her the permission. As parents you have to sign on the admission form' she cajoled them.

Finally the parents gave in and Bindiya was in school. She was a bright student and slowly but steadily climbed up the ladder of her school education and before long she was in her 10th grade. Her exams were held and believe it or not Bindiya topped the class results. Rashmi was ecstatic and wanted to reward her for the hard work she had put in.

However she wanted a proper surprise party for her where her parents, her friends, everybody could come and join in to celebrate her success. Then only her success story could really be celebrated.

The dress was a precursor for this grand event. She tried it on and ultimately selected this shimmering dress which gave her an angelic look. She was now truly ready for her success party.

Just then the doorbell rang and her parents were standing there.

'Oh Bindiya you look so beautiful darling' gushed her mother. Who could have thought that Bindiya's life would change so dramatically with the entry of Rashmi in her life. God had indeed been kind to her, she thought. From being a poor laborer's daughter she could now stand up on her two feet and tell the whole world proudly that she had achieved something in life. She could educate her whole family she felt.

The doorbell rang again and her class friends started trooping in slowly one by one with gifts in their hands.

Bindiya was truly happy now. She acknowledged the greetings of her class friends and introduced her parents to all of them. She was not ashamed of her life or her parents, or of who they were. She was neither hesitant to tell her friends of her simple humble background. She was just proud that God had given her the opportunity in life to rise, to prove herself.

She sat around with her friends to celebrate her new found success while her parents watched all this from a distance and felt happy for her, their daughter Bindiya. Their faces kept glowing seeing her chatter away with her friends confidently. Their was a new found respect for her in their eyes as well as satisfaction.

There was one more person who watched all of this from a distance and felt happy and satisfied; that was Rashmi. As she watched all this, she immediately knew this was the biggest gift God could have given her. Her single most effort had borne fruit.

Rashmi could only smile, sit back and reflect happily on her foresight and initiative.

This was 'God's Gift' to her

.......................................End of story 'The Gift'......................

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Let me chirp, is all I ask of you.....

Can you let me chirp, is all I ask of you.
Happy World Sparrow Day. Celebrate it everyday, and don't forget I come to you as I like being close to your home, and make it blessed.
Keep some space for me. Keep it Green......

Monday, 18 March 2013

Speak Out .......

You've had your say,
now let me speak,
for if I don't, I lose my tongue,
that I'm sure will not be good,
for either of us, nor for me,nor for you;
So let me be, let me speak, my friend,
Let me speak my mind,
for if I don't, I lose myself,
and that will surely kill.

A woman - she's a mother, wife, daughter, a home maker,
a career woman, a fountain of love;
treat her right, and she treats you right,
A woman- is mostly misunderstood,
treat her right, and she treats you right.

A woman scorned is rightly angry,
do nothing to scare her creativity,
A woman is God's answer, to man's vile and wily ways,
she maintains the balance, and 'makes' man a man,
treat her right, and she treats you right.

A woman - is the opposite of a man;
yet without each other, both are kinda incomplete;
It's nature's fatal attraction which man has for a woman;
treat her right, and she treats you right;
A woman- is the princess of a man's heart,
just treat her right, and she treats you right.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Leader in the Congress - Mrs. Sonia Gandhi


When I met Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 at Allahabad, little did I know that this was the last time I would be setting eyes on him. He had come to Allahabad in connection with an election rally and he was full of hope for India. His eyes were full of the promise he wanted to deliver for the Nation, and his smile said it all.
His honesty was writ large on his face, and therefore his assassination on 21st May 1991 left me totally bewildered and shocked. How could anybody in their right frame of mind be so insensitive as to go and assassinate the future of India. But tragedy struck and Rajiv Gandhi had to pay with his life.

Sonia Gandhi was at that point of time completely shattered at this sudden loss, but she kept her composure. After his death, she was invited by the Congress to lead the party in 1991 but she refused.
In 1997 she was again finally persuaded by the Party to lead them in view of the dithering fortunes of the party, and in 1998 she was appointed Leader of the Congress party.

Since then she has stayed at the helm of the Congress party through thick and thin. She weathered many a storm, notable among them her being labelled as an Italian citizen, the breakaway from the party by Sharad Pawar, Tariq Anwar and P.A.Sangma to form their own party, but she strode like a queen and vanquished every obstacle in sight. If ever there was an Iron Lady, there she was.

She however preferred to bask in the glory of Congress leaders and let them run the party and the Government, while she kept a tight rein on the affairs going on inside.
She now completes 15 years of selfless service to the Nation as well as to the Congress party as it's President. She is  also leading the UPA coalition as its Chairperson.
The Congress party will remain indebted to her for having revived the sagging fortunes of the party at many a critical juncture and continuing to lead them into the future.
Her son Rahul Gandhi has now been elevated to the post of Congress Vice President and continues to lead and keep alive the legacy of this grand old party.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi now becomes the longest serving President in the history of the Congress Party. Many congratulations to her and her family. May she continue to guide the party for many more years to come. Cheers!  

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In your stride.....

It's like you can't sit still in one position for long; u can't praise a person all the time.
If the mind wanders it comprehends so many things and opinions change. So it's important for all to realize that u can't expect to hear praise always; sometimes it could be criticism too and it could be well meaning at that. So learn to take things in your stride.
When u walk, u come across pebbles, uneven bumpy roads, smooth surfaces, so it happens in daily life too. U come across so many shades and multitudes of people, shades of opinion; decipher those views, u may decide to keep those u like or discard those u don't like. But if they r directed at u, then u might as well listen to them.


When u take your early morning walk or run, u feel fresh as u look around and see the lovely flowers or the green trees. Similarly if u wish to feel fresh throughout the day then u have to look up fresh things, new ideas, meet creativity through the day, otherwise the freshness begins to fade, to wane.
So keep trying, spreading the fragrance, looking for new ideas, for new connections, till the freshness doesn't overpower u completely.
Don't forget to dust away the dead leaves.....

A new dawn.......

A new dawn is the beginning of a new life.....

Monday, 11 March 2013

Justin BIEBER.......The heart throb

Ask who is Justin Beiber? and pat comes the reply; he's the world's third most powerful celebrity according to Forbes magazine and has grossed up an amazing US$ 55 million as earnings.
Justin was discovered by American talent hunter Scooter Braun in 2008 on You Tube.
Since then this mentor cum manager has pushed him to the heights of glory in singing.
His album My World 2.0 ranked first in most countries around the world including the US. Followed up by Baby and his second album, 'Under the Mistletoe' which was at number one on Billboard 200.
His third album 'Believe' was again declared a hit in 2012 by Beliebers as his fans like to be called.
While performing on March 7, 2013, at London O2 Arena Justin Beiber fainted complaining of breathing problems and was rushed to a hospital. He however insisted on completing his performance and indeed did so.
His Beiber mania has to be seen to be believed. Let's hope he performs in India sometime soon and gives his fans a glimpse of what music mania is all about. To top it all, he's all but 19 years of age....Cheers to Justin....