Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In your stride.....

It's like you can't sit still in one position for long; u can't praise a person all the time.
If the mind wanders it comprehends so many things and opinions change. So it's important for all to realize that u can't expect to hear praise always; sometimes it could be criticism too and it could be well meaning at that. So learn to take things in your stride.
When u walk, u come across pebbles, uneven bumpy roads, smooth surfaces, so it happens in daily life too. U come across so many shades and multitudes of people, shades of opinion; decipher those views, u may decide to keep those u like or discard those u don't like. But if they r directed at u, then u might as well listen to them.


When u take your early morning walk or run, u feel fresh as u look around and see the lovely flowers or the green trees. Similarly if u wish to feel fresh throughout the day then u have to look up fresh things, new ideas, meet creativity through the day, otherwise the freshness begins to fade, to wane.
So keep trying, spreading the fragrance, looking for new ideas, for new connections, till the freshness doesn't overpower u completely.
Don't forget to dust away the dead leaves.....

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