Monday, 25 March 2013

thoughts......all random

If 'Life' be an open book; be gracious enough to 'read' it.

Today the doorbell rang early. Confused and sleepy eyed, I opened the door to find the man who takes my garbage, standing at the door, with a mobile and charger in his hand. For a moment I was perplexed, then I looked at the time, it was 6.30 in the morning.
'Saab(Sir), can you please put my mobile phone on charging in your home?' he blurted out before I could say anything.
I had slept slightly late, and was feeling a bit groggy at being woken up early. I looked at him, at the time and then called him in and asked him to plug in the mobile......just in time to see the smile light up his face stretching right up to his eyes.
'Go back to sleep saab(sir), sorry I woke you up.' he smiled as he made his hasty exit.
Yet for me, the morning had well begun.....and sleep had left for the day.....


New def of a credit card; hunt for pleasure, repent at leisure.

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