Saturday, 12 January 2013

Chalo Bolo London...Imam Siddique...

A fighter, survivor, player, and above all a winner. Thankful to Big Boss,(akin to Big Brother of U.K.) for introducing to the show a versatile player like Imam Siddique. His greatest traits were his 'stand alone' fighting spirit and his ability and agility to turn the tables around. He faced the wrath, the hate, the venom spewed upon him from contestant after contestant but faced the onslaught with bravery, and courage.
Imam has become a symbol because he kind of represents the side of India which is out there facing daily onslaughts of rage, insults, and total aggression from each other. His ability to face the tirade and turn the tables to his advantage and that too in a manner which was flamboyant and witty made him shine in the show.
The more insults were heaped upon him, and he warded them off successfully, the more popular he became. Truly an amazing performer, having enormous entertainment value, and should be lapped up by film makers as a sure shot winner in films.
I don't agree with those who call Imam a badly behaved violent person. He knew when he had crossed the line and was quick to reconcile and was apologetic for his behavior. He lent his shoulders to many a contestant in their hour of shame and grief. His creative bent of mind, his concern towards women contestants especially towards Sana, Delnaaz, Sapna and Urvashi didn't go unnoticed. He didn't take bull from anybody, that was his strongest point. At the same time, not losing any opportunity to make himself visible over other strong contenders. If some people call him fake or a put on, I wonder what the others were. Imam in fact succeeded in unmasking their fake masks and drawing them out in the open, exposing their real self.
Big Boss would be well advised to sign him up for another season as he will continue to entertain.
It's a real pity he didn't get to win the show, but he was the true winner all the way, from the moment he entered. Some say the show was biased towards him and in spite of clear mandate in his favor, he was not declared the winner. However, that's for Imam to take up, and I rest my case at that.
His often repeated lines..Time out, OK bye....Chalo Bolo London have all skyrocketed him in the popularity charts... What to say, except that Imam u have managed to capture the imagination of fans worldwide and your endearing nature will keep reminding us of your fighting spirit and 'never say die' attitude..
Good luck buddy..u have a bright future ahead of you...Cheers!  


  1. Thank you sir. I am truly humbled as I am honoured.

  2. Glad you liked it Imam....I had put it on my blog when the show was on and believe me it had the maximum hits that time...all the best to you and God bless

  3. An astute observation and very well written Vikram. I could not agree more, Imam was the heart and soul of the show and has certainly won his place in our hearts. I did not know Imam at all before the show where as most of the leeches on the show were already well recongized by the audience, yet none of them held a candle to IS and when faced with Imam's flamboyant, vibrant and lovable personality; they almost instantly recognized their short comings and thus had to keep reassuring to themselves that all of them stood united against 1 good man. I say to em all; jealous much?? Imam zindabad!

  4. thank you Shalla for reading and sharing your is important as it let's you know if you're on the right can go through other posts of mine on this blog. Hope you'll find them as interesting. Keep dropping in like this or better still join my blog as a friend...will keep u updated...

  5. i love you imam ! no need to say more.