Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Vishwaroopam unnecessary controversy


The ban imposed by the Tamil Nadu Govt on Kamal Haasan's film 'Vishwaroopam' despite clearance by the Censor Board is highly unjustified. If the Censor Board, the body entrusted with the certification of films for viewing in India has in its wisdom cleared the film for universal viewing, I don't see any reason why the State Govt should be stepping into the picture. This is nothing but growing intolerance on the part of fringe elements in our society who raise their ugly voices time and again to propagate their views which don't reflect the views of the majority. Sad that free thinkers, artists, academicians are being targeted by all and sundry for small and petty gains...
Some people are directly accusing the State Govt of going against Kamal Haasan and try and thwart his film Vishwaroopam. The film is essentially a spy thriller and deals with Al Qaeda and how their terror network plans an attack on New York. The story dates back primarily to Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan where the terrorists are accumulating Cesium from various devices to trigger off a Cesium blast in New York. The film has a story to tell and has apparently nothing or even vaguely remotely related to Muslims in India. God alone knows why the State Govt is protesting against the film along with the fringe elements - have they seen the film. This is nothing but 'orchestrated protests' as the film has largely been welcomed in other States like Kerala and neighboring States. The CM should wake up and lift the ban off the film. It should stop playing 'super censor'. The film has already been cleared for UA viewing by the Censor Board and that's the settled position. Everything else is unnecessary controversy. 

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