Saturday, 2 February 2013

Falling in love with the Labor of Love - Ah! Taj.....

                going back to the main gate of Taj in this cute and lovely battery operated car

To be visiting the Taj, the monument of love, in the month of the Valentine is indeed a lucky co incidence as it turned out for me. I happened to be in the city of Taj to attend a Lit Fest for one solitary day. Half way through, I learnt that celebrated fiction writer and columnist Shobha De who was also attending the meet was going visiting the Taj after the lunch recess. Taking a cue from this brilliant idea, I also called for my cab and landed up visiting the Taj, and it was perhaps one of the most wisest decisions I had made. The splendor of the Taj is there for all to see as was experienced and captured by me, but the most moving and emotive feeling was, when I went inside the mausoleum and was privy to the combined resting place (maqbara) of both Shah Jahan and his beloved Begum Mumtaz Mahal.  It was an extremely emotional moment for me to visualize them both buried together lying side by side, as one, and I felt as if I could feel their 'content souls' soaring around the place blessing all who who gazed their way.
Outside I sat on the steps for long, with some other 'dazed fan-atics' facing the northern side of the Taj and as I gazed upon this 'labor of love' I was so overwhelmed with compassion for this 'lovers' jodi' in whose honor this magnificent mausoleum  of love has been designed and dedicated to....Cheers to those visiting Taj in the month of the Valentine and come back looking for 'free love'

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