Wednesday, 6 February 2013

At the Taj Lit Fest

It was good to interact and mingle with the authors at the first ever Taj Lit Fest at Agra. Considering this was their maiden effort, the organizers did a good job, and was quite commendable. Definitely over a period of time it would attain its place in the sun. Talking of sun, this was nowhere to be seen on this particular day. In fact inclement weather forced the speakers to arrive late, and the event was therefore delayed.
 Liked Shobha De's views on various aspects of her characters in her latest book 'Sethji'. Particularly enjoyed the conversation adman Prahlad Kakkar had with her on her books. He asked her point blank, tongue in cheek questions which only a person of the calibre of Kakkar could have asked, and must say she replied pretty well. Vinita Dawra Nangia also posed questions to Shobha De.

Screen play writer Mushtaq Sheikh and biographer of Shahrukh Khan was also present in conversation with film critic Anna Vetticad. The role of films and film stars and their combined effects on the populace was discussed.

Author Preeti Shenoy was in conversation with ad man Prahlad Kakkar where she shared her views on love, life and creativity. 

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