Friday, 24 October 2014

Back with a vengeance

It's been a long time since I wrote in my blog....busy....yes...u could say that but I felt I was neglecting my blog. So here I am back with a vengeance.

Just returned from a 2 weeks tour to the States - spent a lot of time in NY at the Columbia Business School where I'm enrolled to do a 9 month course in Business Excellence which is meant primarily for Executives in Business Education. It contains papers in Mergers and Acquisitions too, a subject I'm comfortable with and enjoyed doing.

The time I spent in NY I observed a few things which I feel need to be implemented in India too.

First and foremost is the cleanliness aspect. The dirt factor is totally absent there and all the major and minor roads are always sparkingly clean. Littering and throwing garbage on the roads should be avoided and in fact banned by the municipal authorities in all cities across the Country. It will promote cleanliness and help our cows which eat all the garbage and plastics littered on the road side heaps and die a painful death.

Secondly I noticed the utmost respect these people have for the pedestrians on the road. If you wish to cross the road the motorist will allow you to do so. There are separate zebra stripes for the passerby with lights to enable them to cross the roads safely. These are implemented and followed strictly. I don't see any reason why the same can't be done here. Why do we hold the pedestrian in utmost contempt. Please get over this and show some respect towards them. Of course with the amount of population in our cities people do tend to go overboard and lose their patience but that's no excuse to run over people.

Thirdly the transport system in NY was very organised whether the bus transport or the subways.
All the buses are air conditioned and run on schedules where people are encouraged to board in an orderly fashion. Same is the case with subways. People show a lot of respect to the alighting passengers.

The same should be enforced here too so that the life of people is better off than today.

So enough of talking for the benefit of common man, time for action.

Cheers to a better future :)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The faltering promises and unkempt surroundings....tighten your seat belts please

all Countries live on hope ......ours is no #exception - so whatever be the reasons (which are now irrelevant) people have gone out of their way and voted for #change......dreams have been sold and dreams have been spun and woven in the process....

It's now the bounden duty of all those who have gone out of their way to show us magical avenues to create least a blueprint should have been in place by now as to how this Govt proposes to sort out the manifold problems facing the people including the common masses....

The way things are unfolding out and problems are being addressed as they appear along the way is actually NOT the way things should be addressed....leaders who claim to be decisive and on the move with a spring in their step and a certain gusto in their voice have NOT exactly prepared any blueprints so far for long term improvement - this is UNFAIR and just not done - what about the millions of people who have placed their trust in you?.....

The medicine doesn't necessarily have to be always bitter to be able to cure the disease.....the symptoms are there for this Govt to see...if only they can put curbs over overspending and lavish wasteful expenditure on their ministers combined with the wasteful expenditure in ALL Govt offices the Country would be saving so go ahead with that first...cut down ALL your wasteful Govt expenditure....the people have elected you for performance and good one at that.....not for the personal fun and good comforts of your ministers and wasteful expenditure on the part of Govt offices....

In so many Govt offices even if the employees are missing, the lights are on, the air conditioning is on....with no work going on.....same is the case of the employees attached to these 'high flying' hello..... please come down - descend down to Earth....ultimately you have to work here only......and work on a prepared blueprint which is functional and works ultimately

Will post again after a month and hopefully some advice may have been picked up...meanwhile as I say always.....CHEERS and keep happy .....STAY BLESSED