Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rahul Gandhi - enigma or super charmer


Rahul Gandhi - the super charmer or the enigma - his own creation or the hype created by the media. He is today India's most eligible bachelor, a topic which has taken the backseat for now, perhaps in all the hurly burly of managing the affairs of the Party he represents, and the difficult situations surrounding the Nation.
A true gentleman by nature, clear intelligent thinker, but doesn't have the complete freedom to implement his ideas and his decisions, so some call him out of sync perhaps, but those who know him will vouch for the fire smoldering inside him, to do some good work for his Country. His lineage beckons him time and again and doesn't make him forget his responsibilities towards his Party, his Country and the people he represents.
Those who don't wish to see him rise in Indian politics, mostly his detractors from the Opposition, keep cooking up all sorts of jargon about him, various stories regarding his understanding of the current situation, his silence which is sometimes mistaken for ignorance....but then that's been his style throughout...not to speak out too much at this juncture, because he knows people more senior than him, more mature are at the helm of affairs and he's not supposed to keep commenting on their working style.
However he continues to absorb and assimilate everything going on in the Nation and lends his ear sympathetically to almost every problem which keeps cropping up every now and then.
One more thing is certain, he is young and like all youngsters, needs his moments of fun, and privacy, so nothing wrong in that. Even the biggest of 'prudes' will not deny or grudge him his moments of privacy.
Fact remains however Rahul is not hungry for power, but people are now looking for a viable alternative like Rahul Gandhi to lead the Congress party back to power in 2014. Nobody wants the Nation to slip back into ignorance and backwardness from the glorious point it is perched on at the present moment. Rahul as and when he comes to power will definitely show his mettle, and his ability to take the Country forward will emerge to the fore. If Akhilesh Yadav can lead U.P. there's no reason why Rahul Gandhi who has politics in his blood and has watched generations in his family do nothing but lead the Country forward, will fail to take up the responsibility, as and when handed down to him.
So keep the faith....and as usual Cheers for Rahul Gandhi.....

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