Monday, 24 December 2012

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - the only master

It had to come sooner or one can keep playing forever...but the manner in which his so called critics and detractors started questioning his each and every performance was indeed hurtful..please understand a player who has dedicated his life to the cause of Indian cricket can't be questioned for each and every stroke, each and every innings. Undoubtedly Sachin has built a legacy which is impossible to reach let alone breach...every time he created record after record u'll cheered for him till he achieved cult when he wants your love the most, u'll want to question his playing style and his ability to face the ball. This kind of pathetic behavior is unbecoming and least expected from the fans of his own Country. It's not a question of playing on forever, no one can do that, but if u hurt the psyche of a great player and try and demolish and question his credentials that's when it hurts the most. I'm sure the master 'retired hurt' more than anything else, and this is not an emotional response. Sachin above all is a great and fine human being, his mind is indeed like a baby whatever little I've watched him, and mind u I'm a pretty good judge of people, at least that's what I'd like to believe.
Sachin would have flowered some more had u people,a handful of them, not all the fans, showered more encouragement on him, rather than try and upstage him at the fag end of his career. The constant jabbing by the media, the critics, and even those in other walks of life just shattered him a wee bit. In the interests of cricket and if u love Sachin leave him alone to make his own decisions. Show him the love and respect he deserves..we are lucky that we have the greatest batsmen in the world between us and still willing to play ....don't extinguish his spirit, but rekindle it at this critical juncture...nobody can play on forever...but if Sachin is fit and can manage to score and contribute to the game let him do it in peace without shackling him unnecessarily.
Sachin plays for India and India should as usual cheer for him....Cheers ...

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