Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Amazing Superman ---- Review posted on my FB Page

The ultimate test in Special Effects, Visual treats - in case u want to see then, Go and see ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ – it’s just the right dose for you. Directed by Marc Webb, based on a screenplay by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent, Steve Kloves, on a story by James Vanderbilt. 
Spiderman ably played by Andrew Garfield - who is Peter Parker in the film, is the son of illustrious scientist Richard Parker who is killed in a plane crash. He is working on a formula and is based at OsCorp. 
Enter Peter who was a young kid when his father was killed. He is bitten by a spider when he visits OsCorp, which gives him 'super powers' like the Spider, and he can fight like a tiger and spin a web with the flick of his hand. He meets Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) daughter of police top cop in NY Police, at OsCorp. There he also meets Dr Curt Connors - who later plays a dragon lizard - played by Rhys Ifans. Dr Connors was a mate of Richard Parker and both were jointly working on a formula when Richard was alive. 
Now Peter with his super ability provides Dr Connors with the missing equation to complete the formula. From there the film takes a twist. Dr Connors turns evil and starts attacking people. 

We have our very own Irrfan Khan also in this film who is incharge of the project Dr Connors has undertaken. 
Peter and Gwen make up for such a cute pair. Peter is so cute with a sweet cute smile and Gwen - Emma Stone is just made for him. But the best part are the visual effects. The scenes where Peter swings from one building to the other and he spins his web from one building to the other is a real treat to watch. Considering that Hollywood flicks don't have songs and dances to boost them on like their Bollywood counterparts do, it manages to grip the attention of the viewer like anything. 
There are moments of poignancy too where Peter is rebuked by his guardian uncle for not being responsible, and he says he wished his father was there to tell him that. The egg scene too where his granny rebukes him for not getting the eggs, and next time he gets them even after so much of ‘fights’ and action he has to go through..
Only at one or two places, the pace appears to slacken down, but picks up soon thereafter and continues unabated. All in all a fairly entertaining film and of course out of this world special and visual effects. A must watch. Only for the visual effects it deserves 4 stars. 
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