Monday, 16 July 2012

Something to ponder about......

Films like Gangs of Wasseypur may claim to contain original content, but do they realize the kind of impact it has on it's viewers. How can Anurag Kashyap who claims to be a sensitively acclaimed film maker, I have my doubts now, make such insensitive films. These kind of films brings out the animal in the already 'depraved' society. We have seen incidents of these depraved acts like the one of the child molestation case in Guwahati in Assam.
When you seek to project larger than life figures involved in fights, killing, rampant violence, foul language, scenes of depravity, debauchery, you lead the audience into a false sense of believing that what they see is actually a part of real life, when in fact things may not be so bad, as they are shown.
Please, this is an earnest appeal to all socially responsible people who make films, make money by all means, but don't sell your conscience, by making films which contribute towards corrupting our already 'depraved society' to such an extent that it's difficult to repair. Think about it.

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