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Cocktail Reviewed.......


Veronica, Betty and Archie! Wish it was. But's it's Veronica(played by Deepika Padukone), Meera(played by the lithe Diana Penty) and Gautam Kapoor(played by cocky Saif Ali Khan) who form the 'awesome threesome' of the movie Cocktail. 
The movie is written by Imtiaz Ali, and directed by Homi Adajania. The funky music of this movie is its shining point and no doubt lifts an ordinary movie to a different level. Set to the tunes of Salim  Suleman the songs are enough to bring the zing out of you. Anybody feeling low, down with the blues, is highly recommended to watch this movie. The songs and the trendy music is sure to bring you back to the celebration called life.
Coming to the story. Well, I wish the film had a credible story. Here is where it fails. Gautam Kapoor is an incorrigible flirt who feels he's obligated to lift any and everybody' not skirt(pun intended) but arms, and put them around his neck. He gets this uncontrollable urge to talk to any good looking lass and his charms spread from the air hostess in the plane he travels, to his boss who's a good looking lady in London. He tries his charm with Meera who's come to live with her husband played by Randeep Hooda. Apparently, she's been duped into this marriage and predictably she shrugs off Gautam's attempts to befriend her with the firmness it deserves. However, when she finally traces down her husband, she's rudely shown the door.
With no place to go, she meets the cool and bohemian Veronica, who invites her inside her own apartment, without expecting anything in return. Both take to each other like fish take to water and look more like lost sisters' reunited.
Meera is overwhelmed with gratitude and doesn't realize how she'll repay the debt heaped upon her by Veronica. The story then shows them 'showing down' Gautam when he's in the midst of his presentation, which again is Veronica's idea and enacted by her. In the process, Veronica falls to Gautam's charms and he too moves into her apartment to form a threesome. Initially Meera's shocked to find Gautam living and sleeping in the same room with Veronica and offers to move out but Veronica would have nothing of that and assures her that Gautam's role was temporary in her life and she was permanent, her best friend.
All is well till Dimple Kapadia, who plays Gautam's mother, lands up in London and catches them in a compromising pose and an equally comic war like dance being performed by Gautam. The film from here takes a dramatic turn and how Gautam gets out of this situation by introducing Meera as his lady love and later actually losing his heart out to her forms the rest of the story.
Drab at times, but the film manages to bring out stellar performances from both Deepika and newcomer Diana. Saif Ali Khan is his usual comic self but with his inflated nose and bearded looks is kinda 'old' for this role.
The songs are catchy and the music excellent. The end is even more surprising, but cute at the same time.
All in all the film is appealing for young audiences particularly girls, because of the stellar and bohemian performances by Deepika and the extremely lithe and beautiful Diana Plenty, oops Penty (pun intended).
Only for these performances and the swinging music and catchy songs, the film gets 3 stars from me. Go watch it, you'll surely enjoy it.
Cheers for now!

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