Friday, 13 July 2012

A black day in the life of our beloved India

Today, the 13th of July 2012, was indeed a black day when I woke up in the morning, and came across this news item that a girl had been molested by a gang of about 30 people, nay in-humans, in full public glare, in the town of Guwahati in Assam. This incident happened on Saturday and was filmed by a news journalist who happened to be present at the time of the incident. Incidentally he only informed the police who came to the hapless girl's rescue but by that time she had been humiliated long enough by these hooligans.

No amount of condemnation is enough for such a horrific incident. The people who committed this crime seemed to be mocking at the camera filming them, and except for four arrests, the rest of the people are roaming scott free. This is the most barbaric, inhuman and sick incident ever recorded in recent times. What business did  these hooligans have to behave in such an inhuman manner with the hapless girl,whose only fault was that she had come to the pub to have a nice time. Is it a crime in India to frequent any pub? Which law prohibits any citizen of India from visiting a pub or a place of entertainment? If that was the case then the girl would not have been allowed entry at all.

However the way she was pulled by her hair by miscreants on the road, groped all over, her clothes stripped off, is a huge blot on civilization, and will leave a blot on the entire psyche of the girl. The extent of trauma and fear the poor hapless girl must have faced during those torturous 30 min, she was felt and groped all over and her modesty was outraged will remain etched in her mind for all times to come, and no amount of counselling may be enough to cure her out of this heinous crime.

It therefore becomes imperative on the part of our law enforcing agencies, if there is one in Guwahati, Assam, to book these culprits after nabbing them, as early as possible. Any delay in their arrests will lead to further unrest among the public, and a feeling of helplessness and despair will definitely sink across the Country regarding the role of our law-enforcement agencies. The police should not sit back on their haunches, but launch an all-out hunt to NAB down the scoundrels as soon as possible. It should not be an impossible task for the police to track down these criminals because of the extensive video footage available before them because of the reporter who had the presence of mind to record the entire incident. Once caught, they should be booked under most stringent criminal provisions including attempt to rape and outraging the modesty of a girl,  causing grievous hurt and injury to her as well as charges of eve teasing. Under no circumstances should these ruffians of society be allowed to get away as this will send a very negative signal both in Assam as well as other parts of the country.

Swift and positive action is what is needed on the part of the police to quickly arrest these inhuman beasts and totally insensitive people. Care should also be taken that they are booked under extremely heavy stringent provisions so that they don't get bail in a hurry. An exemplary punishment needs to be given to all of them so that the rule of the law is enforced once again.

As far as the hapless girl is concerned, extreme care should be taken in the manner she is handled, and full counselling should be provided to her so that she manages to come out out of this dreadful trauma which she has undergone through, and manages to become a normal girl again. Under no circumstances should she be  subjected to unnecessary sensitive questions regarding the trauma she has been subjected to. Let's hope and pray, she manages to overcome this incident, and will feel a bit relieved once she sees her tormentors getting the extreme punishment they deserve. Let this not be repeated to anyone as it simply exposes the barbaric and horrific side of Indian civilization.

We certainly don't want this kind of an India. We want an India where individuals are respected and men and women are given the equal right to dress in whatever manner they want and to be FREE citizens in the right sense of the word. Let's hope the Guwahati police takes corrective action as soon as possible to vindicate the agony this hapless girl has gone through.

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