Saturday, 28 January 2012

A star is born........... Vijay Dinanath Chauhan alias Hrithik Roshan!

I feel I should start this review of Agneepath by paying tribute to Karan Johar! You have proved that you're the worthy son of a worthy father! The way the movie takes off from the opening frame itself, meandering its way and touching the lives of the numerous characters around which this Magnum Opus is built up, is a tribute to the genius of the directorial quality of Karan Malhotra! Never did I feel a moment of disconnect with the movie, the plot was so well woven, and the movie moves at a brisk pace, which conforms with the story requirement as well as the characters sought to be presented.

You have to hand it over to Karan, for presenting the characters that he did. Each character whether it is the intense and smoldering Vijay, the lovely and dimunitive Kali, the big and burly Kanchaa, or the cunning and  menacing Rauf Lala were all brilliantly cast and played their part to the hilt! Mind you, the casting done by the director is in keeping with the story narrative which he has in mind, and the roles played by each character is absolutely brilliant. The beginning story line where the story takes off in Mandwa and then from a regular Chawl in aamchi Mumbai, it depicts the bond which is prevalent among the community which in a sense represents the bonhomie of the common man, that in spite of day-to-day problems they are prepared to live life as it comes and like a well knit family takes life head on. The character of Kancha, played by Sanjay Dutt is built up right from the first frame, and the violence is justifiable because the character of Kancha demanded that. An image had to be built up in the minds of the people that Kancha was evil personified, remorseless and could go to any extent to achieve his goal, killing was like second habit to him. The manner in which he plots Master Dinanath's ultimate end is testimony to his evil character. To add more venom to his character, the scene in which he drags Master Dinanath all the way up to the Bargad tree where he is finally hung in front of the blood thirsty crowd is synonymous of Satan in full flow. The look given to Kancha is another feather in the cap of the director who succeeds in giving such a menacing look to the character which Sanjay Dutt has played!

After watching the gruesome murder of his father, enter Vijay Chauhan, played by Hrithik Roshan, and by jove what a character he's played! I think Hrithik  in this movie has surpassed himself, and it would be doing injustice to him if I didn't mention that this is probably the best role he has played so far in his career! I'm sure Amitabh Bachchan will agree with this that Hrithik has equaled if not surpassed him in the role of  Vijay Dinanath Chauhan!  Right from the word go, Vijay has completely submerged himself into the character, and has portrayed the agony of a man who is burning inside with only one passion, that is, to avenge the murder of his father at the hands of Kancha! The gradual blossoming of the man towards his ultimate destiny of finally killing Kancha is portrayed so naturally and brilliantly by Hrithik that even his worst critics will stand up and applaud! I can't think of any other actor who could have done so much justice to this role, except of course the master,Amitabh himself.! I won't be wrong in saying that today a star is born, and Hrithik has proved that he has the maturity of a brilliant actor who has the entire range and gamut of emotions to portray, and this role will probably go down as his best so far, and I'm sure Hrithik feels that way.! The character of Kali, played by the delightful Priyanka Chopra who looks as lovely and honest as ever in the role of a  supportive woman who sticks by her man through thick and thin! The Marathi tinge to the character has given it a more delightful look and will be remembered for the ease with which Priyanka handled this role. There could be two opinions on the way her end was handled, maybe she didn't need to die, in the manner she did, but then the other point of view would be that her gruesome death was necessary, to propel the fire already burning in Vijay to explode and make him take off towards the climax of the entire plot! The role played by actor Rishi Kapoor is also brilliant and he has employed all his acting skills, and shown  that once an actor, always an actor! All in all a very beautiful and sensitive film, violent at times but then the character demanded that.! I have seen Amitabh's earlier films, and so now I know how he was built up into a raging superstar! This movie could be a regular potboiler of Amitabh playing in front of you.! The times have slightly changed, so people expect a more sleek and the urban kind of a movie. but this is no ordinary movie, I feel this is an epic, a Magnum Opus and should not be missed by anybody who loves watching intense performances and brilliant direction! I would be failing in my duty if I do not mention the scintillating dance performance of Katrina Kaif! A short delightful dance performance but she stood out on her own, the dance moves were totally ethnic, erotic and truly rocking. A delightful performance all in all with that cute smile of hers, sure set the pace rolling for the film.! The music is haunting and the songs are already a rage, are very popular and playing all over the country.

I liked the film, and recommend it to every cinema goer who would like to see magnificent performances, the kind you don't get to see in movies being released today! You have to be prepared for the senseless violence but! Basically I'am a die hard romantic, so for me it was quite a surprise that violent movies with a good star cast and excellent performances are palpable! See the movie and let me know whether you agree with what I said! Happy watching and I look forward to your comments. Another first, Karan is venturing out with newer and better talent than SRK all the time in tow!  Cheers!

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