Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Some more antics of Sapna and Snowy

This post is again dedicated to my pet bird Sapna and the last paragraph is for my pet dog Snowy. As I already told you earlier, Sapna passed away due to extreme cold on the 1st of January 2012. if I say Sapna was an extraordinary bird, it would be making an understatement. Right from the beginning when I brought her home, I noticed that she was very inquisitive, very fidgety and very restless. This soon turned out to be a virtue, because she learnt new things to do on her own, in the cage where I had kept her. While the other birds were busy, either fighting with each other, eating or simply sleeping, Sapna was the enterprising one. You could see that she loved to explore her cage. Once I was sitting in the next room, when I heard repeated noises coming from her cage. At first I ignored them but then the regular noise of something banging against the cage continued, and I came out to check what was causing that. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was Sapna who was playing around with the round circle on top of the cage which was there to hang the cage up. She was tapping it from one side so that it fell down to the other side, and then going across to the other side and doing the same from there, so that it fell back to its original position. I was really amazed at her intelligence, because no ordinary bird could have figured that out and I realised that Sapna was special.

I was proved correct, as she devised new ways to keep herself busy and spend her time productively, inside the cage. One day I saw her sitting on the swing which was attached to the top of the cage and she was swinging herself on that. I put my hand inside the cage and started to move the swing from one side to the other. She simply loved that, and would not move from the swing till it was swinging. One day I forgot to move the swing, and to my surprise I found that she was sitting on the swing herself, and was moving it from one side to the other. I could do nothing but applaud her from the outside, and marvelled at her intelligence.

One day her cage was kept next to a tablecloth, and lo and behold, to my surprise I found that she was constantly attacking the tablecloth with her beak and this was like a fun game to her. Sapna was very playful and couldn't sit still even for a minute. She was very chirpy also and loved attracting attention. If you left her alone in a room, she would start chirping loudly to let you know that she was feeling bored and wanted someone next to her. The only time she was quiet was in the night when it was time for her to sleep. During the winter months' last year, and even this year, till she was alive, she would start chirping after having her food, calling out for someone so that she could be placed in the sun. Apart from soaking in the sun, another  advantage of this was, that she could look around and interact with the other birds which would generally fly around her cage, trying to play with her. She was a marvelous bird and I doubt if I will be able to find someone like her. One thing I have to tell you before I end this post. It's so cute and funny when I think about it. Normally I used to put my finger inside her cage, and she would come and bite it, sometimes playfully and sometimes hard depending upon her mood, so one day I decided to place my cheek next to her cage, to gauge her reaction. You won't believe it she came and gave me a very gentle peck on my cheek as if gently tickling me because she knew that it was my cheek and she was not supposed to bite that. I was pleasantly surprised as to how she could make out the difference that if she bit on my cheek it would hurt more and she never tried that. So if  you are planning to keep a pet, especially a bird, go ahead and do that. The moments of pleasure you'll get will keep you busy throughout your life, for I don't think any human could give you so much pleasure and so many pleasant thoughts to fill your mind even when they are gone. Here's wishing well for Sapna. RIP. Cheers!

One small paragraph for my dog Snowy, who's also very special and has been with me for  more than 10 years now. Snowy likes to be taken out at least once a day on a drive. So whenever he's not eating his food or just troubling, I just tell him that if he finishes his food fast I'll take him out for a drive. You won't believe it, he would immediately start gobbling down his food, and then goes to stand next to the door, waiting for you to fulfil your promise. Sometimes we were not able to take him out, in spite of promising him to do so, and had to pay the price. When we came back Snowy had vent out his anger on a pillow which was kept on the bed. It was torn to shreds and that was his way of telling us that don't ever break your promise to me. So these are the small little stories which I'll keep boring you with, from time to time, because I feel they need to be told so that you can understand what a pet means to a person who is really fond of them. That's all for the day, I will be posting again in a day or two about my pets. I hope all of you liked the snaps and the video which I posted about Sapna  eating from my hand. I wish I had taken more such videos, as I did not know that she would leave us and go so soon. That's all for today from my side. Love you all and Cheers. 

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