Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Is your relationship in the perfect zone?

Is life a song? How do you manage relationships? Is there something called a perfect relationship? Day in and day out, people out there are looking for answers to questions such as these. Most people spend their lives working out a perfect relationship, looking up to each other, warming up, putting up insults, ridicules, sometimes love, sometimes hate relationships. People in urban areas, are more prone to looking for answers to such questions. Some manage to break free, while majority of them stick to old combinations and concoctions, savoring and souring each day as it comes. Many old-fashioned minds will think, why rake up an issue like relationships. Fact remains that relationships today, is the most confusing and complicated issue facing each of us in these modern times. Most people compromise on their relationships, because they feel they should carry on with a soured relationship for the sake of  family or children.Women don't want to walk out of a stale relationship because of the insecurity involved, both financial and emotional.  Even men wouldn't  like to be on the wrong side of a relationship gone stale. Specially men in their 50s and above would not take too kindly of walking out of a relationship even if they are not very happy or comfortable in it. Social taboos' also play a major role in making couples desist from taking any rash and hasty steps like separation or breaking up of a relationship.

So what does one do, should one live life day-to-day, perhaps waiting for that "miraculous" day to bring about a perfect relationship in place. The perfect relationship, according to me, would be, where the couple is so happy with each other, so engrossed in each other that they wouldn't need to look around at all. The perfect relationship could be where the couple leaves the house in the morning, all smiles and then greets each other in the evening with an even bigger beaming smile. In case none of that is happening with you, you need to introspect and perhaps take urgent corrective steps, to bring that beaming smile back in your life.I feel relationships is all about checking up on small details, looking up on the needs of each other, giving space to each other, yet not going so far away as to make it difficult to recognize each other without glasses.

You'll realize that your relationship is on "track one, " if both of you can manage to stay away from each other for some time, and then are raring to get back, as insecurity starts to set in. A perfect relationship also doesn't mean that both of you  remain stuck to each other like some kind of fevicol ka jod, but just remain ever so careful not to step on each other's toes. I know all this is very rosy to recount yet very hard to practice, but there's no harm in giving it a try. Have your moments of privacy, your enjoyment with or without each other, and let the heart sometimes rule over your head, because as they say, decisions coming from the heart are more beneficial in matters of love, rather than those taken after a lot of thought being put into it. So never be calculative so far as relationships are concerned.  Be open about your fantasies, and maybe you could enjoy the roller coaster called life better than most of us do. If these tips can't help you, don't fret, keep trying until you get it right one day, and the day you get it right, you can think back and smile and maybe thank me ! One more thing, don't ever forget birthdays and of course anniversaries. Gifts,as the saying goes, are a must, at any age!  Cheers! 

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