Sunday, 4 November 2012

When Rahul's heart came pouring out - 4th of November 2012


A tremendous effort by the Congress President Sonia Gandhi, and an awe inspiring speech by Rahul Gandhi at the Ramlila Grounds on the 4th of November 2012 surely marks the beginning of ' good clean decisive' politics at its best. While Rahul choose to attack head on and give his view points on a large variety of subjects which the people of India had been waiting to hear. In fact Rahul's speech came straight from the heart and its impact was therefore widely felt. The Rahul Gandhi which people accused of a disconnect, nay mostly the media said that, was more than willing to pour his heart out to the people of India. His speech was therefore well received and the entire gamut of issues staring the Country in the face were dealt head on by Rahul Gandhi. In fact his speech reminded one of his late father Rajiv Gandhi, who was candid and clean in his approach towards the politics facing our Country, at the same time facing each issue firmly and with clarity.
Rahul has that same vision and clarity, plus he has the same fire smoldering inside him, which is very essential to take this Country forward. Listening to him one is at least reassured that better days are there ahead and the people of this Country can look forward to better governance in future. We won't have to rely on people like the present so called activists who are just waiting to make a killing by getting in the driver's seat.
Sonia Gandhi and the PM were also at their eloquent best and their hard hitting speeches will be remembered for quite some time. Must say a good show of wit, courage, strength and grit. So lets say Cheers to that!

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