Monday, 19 November 2012

Trip to nostalgic lane



Took a 4 day break to Dhanolti and Kanatal. Both the places are in Uttarakhand. The scenic landscape which I saw was really unbelievable and can't be described in words. However being at a height has its disadvantages and advantages both. If you can bear the cold its a really worthwhile place to be in.
For me it was a worthwhile and nosalgic trip because my son planned the whole thing. I got reminded of the times when I used to take my family out every year to the hills in my vehicle and we would stay for a month or slightly less.
Only disturbing fact was that my dog fell ill and we had to cut our trip by a day. All said and done a worthwhile experience and highly recommended. You could stay in the 4 or 5 hotels' available there and booking can easily be made. 

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