Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Yellow is bright


There comes a time in life when u start looking for a cross purpose in life. Maybe I'm doing just that at this point of time. Looking for a purpose in life. Can't make up my mind, but maybe somebody will guide me. Good at expressing myself, managing peoples' careers, and of course legal expert. I'm good at planning features like a travel show, or a talk show on current topics for television. Interested in politics too. So jack of all trades. Could relocate too provided I get the right choice and offer.
Have a book lined up too which I can release at short notice but have not discussed it with any publisher yet. The haze could lift off in a a jiffy if somebody offers me the solutions I'm looking for but I'm not sure if Lady Luck will smile on me so soon. But u never know, it could...!
Its not that things are bad for me but its not leaving me satisfied the way I want to be. Being a creative person right from the inception, looking for an outlet now. Maybe I can reach out to some like minded soul through this medium and things will look up. Well, there's always a brighter side of looking at things.
So as I say, Cheers to that...!

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