Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chakravuyha - a tremendous effort by Prakash Jha


Saw Chakravuya today. A brilliant movie indeed. Prakash Jha has really handled a very sensitive and explosive subject like Naxalism in India in a very mature way. The cast is excellent. Arjun Rampal has acted superbly in the role of a dynamic but honest police officer, who is caught up in the systemic failure as well as call of duty. A very mature and natural performance. It's indeed heartening to find directors of the caliber of Prakash Jha direct movies on subjects like the present one. As everyone knows the menace of Naxalism is prevalent in our Country more than ever and is looking to be eradicated but success is slow as is made out in the movie itself.
The movie starts with Arjun Rampal playing the role of a brave heart police cop who is the best in his job. After the Nandighat massacre where more than 60 CRPF police are gunned down in cold blood by Naxals, he is sent there on a consent posting. Abhay Deol who is his bosom friend and is currently out of a job joins him later. Abhay comes out with this bizarre plan that he be sent as a bait within the Naxals to join their group and keep sending crucial information about their movements to Arjun. How he helps him out and the film slowly meanders its way to the film's climax is worth watching.
What is amazing that the film manages to hold your attention till the very end and is very intelligently handled. The acting is very good by everybody. Anjali in the role of a Naxal also excels. All in all an excellent movie with enough of thrills and good performances. I would give it 4 stars. A very watchable movie indeed.

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