Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mamta - An unnecessary controversy

Is it Mamta vs UPA? Left to myself the answer is a big NO. The reason I say this is because Mamta is a mature leader and an old and trusted friend of the Congress party. So far as the economic reforms are concerned, we all are in agreement that these and more economic reforms are in the best interests of the Country. The economic scenario all around the world is not very bright, and India is no exception. It's part of a globalization network. Yet we are fortunate that we are a growing and emerging economy. The growing middle class of India apart from facing the price rise has this wish of the people to be able to purchase world class products at a competitive price. Here's where the FDI in retail comes in. It will be giving a fillip to the economic growth and bring in the much required capital which the Country is looking for to increase it's growth pattern, bring down fiscal deficit and contain inflation. I'm sure if the PM is allowed to act according to the way he wants to, it will bring the Nation to a new level of economic prosperity. The process has already begun by him. He has taken a series of economic decisions which were well received by economists and the stock market equally well. This process needs to continue and no steps should be taken by anybody to destabilize the same. Even the Opposition should not be taking any steps which show that they are not keen in the development of the Country. If they make it amply clear by their insensitive actions that they don't care about the development of the Country, then rest assured nobody is going to vote for them anyway. So a balance has to be maintained, between opposition and plain hostility towards the Country.
So far as Mamta is concerned she certainly can't be seen to be opposing steps to put the Country on a track of economic growth and development. Whatever her reasons maybe, to oppose the FDI in retail, she should not make it personal, or involve herself personally. Even Congress CM Chandy has opposed FDI in retail in Kerala, so fine he will not implement it in his State. Mamta can do the same in her own State in West Bengal. Her party is not in charge of any ministry which deals with FDI or commerce or industry. She has already registered her protest by leading her rally in Kolkatta. Nobody expects anything further from her. She doesn't have to prove herself different. She is not being forced to implement any decision she doesn't like in her State. She should just take an informed decision and keeping in mind the larger interests of the Country she should continue support to UPA keeping her ministers' in place. She is free to implement or not to implement in her State any of these reforms. Merely because she is supporting the UPA and people are egging her on to take a decision one way or the other, she is not supposed to oblige them either way.
Mamta if she is not comfortable with FDI, can certainly help in sharing her expertise in building up domestic production and help in building up infrastructure in her State as well as in India. Being in charge of Railways, she can contribute to the GDP in a big way by increasing the capacity of the Railways as well as increasing employment avenues.
Mamta should also see that a mature wise decision from her side to stay on with the UPA, as she's doing now, will signal her maturity to lead the Nation to further growth and economic prosperity. So till the Elections in 2014, she should stay put, and not do anything which will rock her own boat which carries all the UPA constituents.
Hope the correct decision is taken by her and this unnecessary controversy is put to an end as soon as possible. The economic growth of the Country is more important right now than any other issue. 

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