Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Economic Reforms vs Politics - Make India Win

The TMC's decision to pull out and withdraw its support has shown what the Govt was fearing all this time. We now know exactly what was preventing the Govt from taking any important decision on the economic front. It was the constant opposition from one of it's allied parties who were hell bent not to let the Govt take any economic decision worth it's name which was actually preventing them from acting. It was not the so called 'policy paralysis' or anything of that sort. The Govt was constantly being bulldozed and pressurized by one of it's allies not to take any important economic decision which would lead the Country forward and bring it out of the economic mess. All important legislation was blocked by either the Opposition parties because of their brute majority in Rajya Sabha or it's own allies on one pretext or the other. The Opposition in particular, who didn't want any worthwhile legislation to go through, kept on making matters worse for the Govt as this act would help them in dis crediting the Govt to their heart's content.
In fact it's now crystal clear that the Govt has NOT been allowed to function with a free hand as it would have liked to do. None of the bills which the Govt wanted to bring in were either allowed to be tabled or were forced to be withdrawn for the time being. Such rash actions on the part of parties opposed to development have actually forced the Govt in a corner and it's certainly nothing to do with policy paralysis. The Govt has shown it can act provided it is allowed to do so by vested interests. 
There is so much politics playing around in this Country. YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOUR COUNTRY FIRST, IN ORDER TO RULE THIS COUNTRY.This message should be sent across to ALL politicos across the length and breadth of this Country. If you don't have any emotions for your Country, or you don't care two hoots for the economic development of the Country, and are more interested in economic deterioration, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO GOVERN. So down with all parties who are anti national and have no love for the economic progress of their Country.
So in case this crisis leads to an election, so be it. Although I don't believe there will be any General Election in the near future, and this UPA Govt will complete its term. But it's my sincere appeal to all patriotic people of this Country to please value their vote, in case of an election. Please don't vote for such parties or candidates who have continuously made mockery of the Country's unfinished economic agenda, have paralyzed Parliament, stalled all important legislation, and made life in general miserable for the common man. Come what may, if you feel a particular candidate in any political party is corrupt, certainly DON'T vote for him/her, but you have to keep the party's ideology and it's conduct in Parliament also in mind before committing your vote. Just don't waste your vote for the sake of bringing in change. The people of India are not meant to be used as pawns for bringing in new players all the time in order to fulfill their personal ambitions or fill their coffers. This would be the height of hypocrisy.  So irrespective whenever the polls are held, either next year or in 2014, don't even look at people who don't have the Country's interest at heart. This would be spelling disaster again. More so don't waste your vote over people who you think are perceived to be corrupt. So put pressure on parties to make sure they give their tickets to candidates who are perceived to be politically clean. DON'T BRING TO POWER PARTIES WHO ARE ANTI SECULAR, ANTI NATIONAL, or OPPORTUNISTIC. We can't keep bringing back parties who are known for public posturing and looking for opportunities to come back to power by hook or by crook, and then playing around with the finances of the Country, and keeping the Country at tenterhooks. 
We should also keep in mind that whichever party you choose to vote for, should be voted back by a huge majority. Don't bring back a particular party by a slender majority. Supposing you want to bring in Congress candidates then select their cleaner candidates and vote them in by a huge majority so they can take their decisions in peace without having to depend on all sorts of permutations and combinations. We can't afford corrupt candidates but we can't also afford candidates from parties who are just dying to get back to power. So think carefully before you cast your vote. Are you being swayed by extraneous considerations when planning to cast your vote. Don't be influenced by past incidents which are being highlighted just to increase the halo of parties who are actually not having the interest of the Country at heart. Stay away from parties who double speak and of course who are anti development. A sincere appeal as my main interest is the Country's all round development. Certainly if you spot corrupt practices at any quarter, say NO to that particular candidate but vote in parties which are rational in their approach and are NOT ANTI NATIONAL. Last thing we want is anti national parties taking stock of the Country. Think about all this in the interim period to the actual run up of the election taking place, whenever that is, preferably in 2014, as this is NOT the time to waste the Country's resources in conducting a general elections to please certain sections of the people. This is the time to lift the Country out of the economic mess it has landed itself into, and then we can think of other things.
A very heartening effect of the proposed economic reforms announced by the Govt is the unprecedented support it has received from the patriotic business community of this Country. My heart was certainly gladdened by the unequivocal support meted out to the economic reforms announced by the Govt by the entire business community. Speaker after speaker has vindicated the Govt's position on reforms and has welcomed the move. This is basically because the economic reforms are nothing new. They are a series of reforms being taken in continuation right from 1991, and they have set the pace of growth in this Country. It was only because of the fast paced reforms and proper implementation of the Govt policies that we witnessed a good growth rate in our Country when major economies all over the World were reeling under recession. However ever since the UPA-2 has come back to power and it's hands have been shackled by anti democratic and anti nationalist forces the economic growth has also slowed down and currently the growth rate is at 5.1%. 
So I say let's vote and wish for the Country's economic prosperity and make all the RIGHT MOVES, so that your and my Country moves forward in the right direction and upwards. We've had enough of nonsensical politics, enough of playing into the hands of people who make mockery of the Country's economic growth, make fun of it's poverty. I don't think our Country can stand any more nonsense. Those parties who have their personal agenda to push around can keep doing the same, but it's high time they were kept on the back burner by, both the Govt, as well as the respected people of this Country. 
So let's JOIN hands to take our Country forward and a big CHEERS to that....

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