Sunday, 16 September 2012

Barfi and it's wonderfully bitter sweet


Barfi....I was totally bowled over today by you. My God Ranbir, Priyanka, and Ileana, what performances, put in by all of you together. The opening shots of Ranbir were fantastic, such acting talent, so cute antics...I wish more actors would try these type of roles.
Ranbir has shown that clean entertainers will still run regardless of whatever 100 or 200 crore plus films will come and go.   The film clutches and claws at your heart strings at times but then that is why it's titled Barfi..Life which is bitter sweet at the same time, has to be lived and savored like a sweet, then only it's a life well lived.
Without going into the story of the film, because I'd like everybody to just go out and see this film once, and enjoy the histrionics of Ranbir and both his heroines. I won't be surprised if all of them get nominated for the top honors this year. They certainly deserve it. Of course other films will also be released but this one will remain special.
Keep it up Anurag Basu, this one was indeed special. May you continue to make such wonderful films and gladden the hearts of audiences all over.

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