Monday, 3 September 2012

Is India flowing with the tide.....

Is India becoming a banana republic? Is it catering too much to the Opposition, to diverse views, from media, from civil rights' activists, and hordes of other fence sitters'.
This question is one of anguish, and nobody can feel proud of giving the answer to the above question, in the affirmative. However events prove that we are giving too much attention to what others' think of our actions. Rather than concentrating on crucial policy decisions which would help in taking the Country forward, too much hype is being given to the outcome of these decisions.
That's the precise reason why major decisions are sort of 'put on hold.' The Opposition, the media, the authorities responsible for keeping checks and balances in place all are inevitably responsible for the slowness in the Government.
It's as if every action of the Government is tailor made to suit the reactions of various 'so called watchdogs' in our society. Any policy decision or any major initiative is first 'tested' by the print and electronic media. If approved, then only it goes through. At least that's the impression the man on the street gets.
Parliament is not allowed to function for days and months together because of some hardliner position taken up by the Opposition parties, and the matter keeps dragging on for lack of political consensus, and will. The media then steps in and keeps stroking the fires of distrust and helps in bringing uncertainty to the already confused situation.
It's high time the decision makers moved away from disparaging remarks made by people all around, and concentrated on the task before them. After all you are ultimately judged by the work you do and not by the opinions you manage to build up.
Obviously all decisions ultimately have to pass through the test stone of democracy but that's always been the case. Once a decision has been deliberated it should see the light of the day, come what may, unless of course its a totally perverse decision, and there the question would arise, why was the decision then taken at all. So the Government has to be alive to its responsibilities and instead of making statements like we are going to do this and do that, just go ahead with their work in a responsible manner. After a plan has been implemented successfully Government would be within its rights to propagate it as much as possible, but not before that. 

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