Friday, 3 August 2012

Who's doing moral policing now?

Some people are being too harsh on Jism-2. Those commenting on the way the spies were too clumsy, too careless to leave messages on their cell phones and so on and so forth. They forget this is an emotional, torrid love film with passion and drama. It’s not essentially a spy thriller. If seen in that context, everything else can be side tracked.
The dialogues have the Mahesh Bhatt touch in them. They appear a bit heavy but the script demands that the essence of the story should be told in the film dialogues itself. Some of them could be toned down a bit but that’s about it.
The intense feelings on display in the film should not be missed by these critics too. The previous image of Sunny should be kept aside; the snide remarks about her past work shouldn’t be allowed to come in the way of the film. Who’s doing moral policing now? So critics, stop being too critical, and join the bandwagon, which are thronging to see the film.

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