Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jism -2 is Sunny Leone's film


Are you wondering why I'm so happy tonite and I just can't stop smiling? Well, I have no qualms in telling you that I happened to meet the star cast of Jism -2 in flesh and blood. When I say star cast, let me start with Sunny Leone, the chirpy cherubic heroine of the film, on whom the entire film rests and revolves. I feel she's the find of the Bollywood film industry. Firstly, she's devastatingly beautiful, has a tremendously cute Binaca smile, an utterly soft, sexy feminine voice, and a figure which would put a lot of actresses to shame.
The crowd in the Mall at Noida where Sunny made her maiden appearance was buzzing with excitement. People were waiting in anticipation, just to catch a glimpse of this much talked about star. When she entered, the atmosphere was just electrifying. People just fell over each other just to see her stand there on stage, and it was soon clear that people had only trooped in to watch Sunny Leone, the mega star. She also reciprocated and waved both her hands in the air, while blowing kisses to the crowd. She excitedly told them that she had never anticipated such a huge crowd here at the Mall, and the crowd roared in approval.
When Randeep Hooda who plays the male lead opposite her, asked the crowd as to who all were going to see the movie, I showed him my ticket, and requested all of the star cast to sign it which they promptly did. I've preserved that ticket.
So coming back to the film, it is mostly shot in beautiful, out of this world, Goa and Sri Lanka locales. Izna which means roshni or light (played by Sunny) is a happy go lucky girl who lives the hip life by exploiting her charms to the hilt. On one of these night outs, she meets and lures an attractive man who it turns out is an intelligence officer (played by Arunoday Singh). He offers her a chance of a lifetime to work for them in return for 10 crores and do something for her Country in the process.
She comes to know that she has to be a spy to an assassin, a dreaded killer (played by Randeep Hooda) and bring some data for them, which is stored in his laptop. She had been earlier involved with this assassin, who was then a good and trusted intelligence guy, with a heart of gold. He had earlier saved her from arrest and as a fallout, she falls in love with him. They both got involved  emotionally as well as physically, until one day he simply leaves her, without telling her anything.
How they meet again and the emotions which flow between them on their re union forms the rest of the movie, with Arunoday also getting trapped in this love triangle. The theme is, 'whoever loves her, dies...' However, the tragic circumstance in which this happens has been convincingly handled.
The film has to be seen to feel its intensity. The way human emotions like love, lust, despair, anger, jealousy,deception, betrayal, loneliness, and passion are all bundled together and displayed in this well handled movie is indeed a treat to watch.
The songs are hauntingly beautiful and are beautifully filmed and aptly used. The film tends to drag a bit in the middle, but then emotions can't be expressed in seconds, but take their time to express. So if you're looking for an emotional love story, with good performances by all the actors, especially Sunny and Randeep, this film is a must watch. If you're looking for intense love scenes, in spite of the censor cuts, the movie manages to portray a lot of bold scenes and a lot of kissing scenes which have been well portrayed in the film. It's not a dirty picture but a movie which bares and claws at the soul.
This movie is definitely a turning point in Pooja Bhatt's directorial career as the passion and hard work shows in her film making. Some of the most passionately intense love shots ever filmed will captivate you for sure. But don't go expecting a porn movie. It has a story-line and the story has been well told.
All in all a watchable movie, and I would give it 3 and a half stars.
An advice for Sunny. Choose your future movies carefully. Don't sign B or C Grade movies which just need you to do steamy scenes only. You can act too. So be happy and keep that smile on. Best of luck for your future ventures.....
Cheers till the next one. 

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