Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Is our beloved Country becoming irrelevant? Hope NOT

Events unfolding in the past few days, even the past few months, or possibly the past few years, have forced me to reflect time and again on the designs expressed by people, whether in Opposition, or in high echelons of power. What exactly are they planning for their own Nation? Are they concerned with the stability and integrity of the Nation, or are they trying to send a message of destruction, instability or total chaos prevailing in the Country. 
Point I'm making is, whoever is trying to spread a sense of destabilization in this Great Country, needs to sit back and introspect. Efforts are on to somehow make sure that a Government elected for 5 years by the people is NOT allowed to function. A sense of frustration among the people is being allowed to build up, for petty partisan gains. Maybe it is the handiwork of some disgruntled Opposition, maybe its some people already in power, or its some bureaucrats out to show their supremacy, or some misguided youth out to be driven in the wrong direction for petty gains. Whatever the reasons, fact is this kind of petty politics is surely harming the day to day progress of the Nation. 
Supposing for a minute we agree that all this is leading to a mid term election and some other goons or some communal party will grab power,sitting maybe on the shoulders of self styled leaders like Anna or Baba Ramdev or maybe some others still lurking in the shadows, but will the turn around happen for this Nation? Point is, to grab power at any cost, are these people not pushing our Nation to the edge of a precipice from which we may never be able to rise again. 
Its totally irrelevant now whether X, Y or Z party rules, but what is important is that the morale of this Country should not be broken by such anti national elements who are lurking in our Country  to somehow or the other grab power. 
Such unscrupulous means adopted by people to hold agitations at periodic intervals, spread canards, even trigger communal riots, and send messages through low density explosions. What's going on in this Nation of ours? Are we going to be held ransom to the whims and fancies of power brokers out to grab the Chair at any cost? 
Please folks, desist from this kind of disgusting behavior. By all means think of coming to power, but in a democratic manner when the elections are announced. 
So I ask is our Country, this beloved Country slowly becoming irrelevant in the face of the mad race to grab power at any cost? I hope NOT. Prove me wrong please. 

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