Sunday, 12 August 2012

Comprehensive Sports Policy Needed

Don't cry for me India is definitely borrowed from know where. But as I see the London Olympics come to a close, and I see the ecstasy, agony, frenzy, determination, all rolled into one, writ large on the faces of the Indian sports persons. I wonder if more young people would come forward and join the 'sports' revolution' in India, we can achieve what China has been able to do with its sports persons.
Sports perhaps is the best policy the Government could follow. All the disappointment, agitation, frustration, incidents happening all around us could hopefully diminish if only we had a full scale functional sports policy in place. Although the present sports minister Mr Ajay Maken has been trying and will continue to do so, these efforts are simply not enough to bring about the sports' culture or a sports' revolution we want to unleash in our Country.
For a sports' policy which is almost devilish in nature and extracts the best talent from out of our youth, it needs careful planning, astute and honest implementation, adequate and absolute funding and quick decisions. The implementation needs to be done at the grass root level, in schools and colleges. Sports have to be identified which can be picked and nurtured. Such a policy would help in development of sports in India, not only at the Olympics but the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and other international meets.
So here's hoping the correct decisions would be made, by the right people, at the right time and implemented with full honesty. Don't want no more people who wish to make a fast buck while controlling the various associations and sports federations. People with foresight, vision and integrity who are really interested in promoting the cause of sports in India need to sit at the helm of affairs and then perhaps we can see the sports culture slowly pervade the entire nook and corner of our Country.
So Cheers to that sentiment and don't let the enthusiasm fade away just because the event is over. The journey has just begun...

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