Thursday, 1 August 2013


Meet DURGA SHAKTI NAGPAL - the brave IAS officer of 2010 cadre posted as SDM in Gautam Budh Nagar, who was responsible for innumerable crackdowns on sand mafia of Noida and the Hindon area - she carried out raid after raid to catch hold of these crooks operating in the catchment areas of the sand belt of these river sides. She collected a huge amount in fines totaling almost 2 crores of rupees from these offenders and lodged countless number of criminal cases against the culprits.
Her work came in the limelight when she was featured by some media on their front pages as well as on the telly.....
However all of a sudden the young brave officer all but 28 years of age brimming with confidence was rudely awakened to the news of her suspension from service. A service for which she prepared like mad to get into, completed her training in Punjab and was on the threshold of a brilliant career was sought to be crushed under the whims and fancies of a few hoodlum politicians of the worst category.
What was indeed surprising was that the State Govt which was suspending her had not seen the commendable work this young upright bright and honest officer had done in her short and brief career - countless dumpers she confiscated for illegal sand mining, the criminal cases filed against offenders, the large amount of fines collected......instead of congratulating her for her work she was made a scapegoat of some petty politician's whims who suddenly decided Durga Shakti had to go... The reason given was also frivolous ....she had brought down the boundary wall of a proposed placed of worship which was apparently being built on allegedly Govt land....The truth was otherwise clearly highlighted in the report of the DM of that area who spelt out that the boundary wall in question was brought down by the villagers themselves and not under the orders of any official.
Fact remains Durga has been made the target of a few filthy people who don't have any regard for the rule of law, neither for the law of the land as declared by the Supreme Court which says no religious structure shall be allowed to come up on any Govt land.
Another important point in order is that why should petty politicians interfere in routine transfer and suspension matters of IAS officers? Are these people qualified to interfere in these routine matters relating to officers?
These brave officers who are young and bright have to be protected from this barrage of politicians who try and steer their career paths, mostly in the wrong direction...A good Govt can run well on the good performance of its bureaucracy.
Let Durga get her Shakti back...and that's the only wish I have right now.....

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  1. nice post! People like her need to be encouraged, She is the inspiration to all the women in the world.Hats off to he.By: durga mantra Team.