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A Midsummer's Love Tale - Chapter Eighteen - First Case


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                                         A MIDSUMMER’S LOVE TALE          

                                               CHAPTER EIGHTEEN


                                                 FIRST CASE

My first appearance on my own, the first case which I argued independently was another landmark in my career, another first. It was a Court case, a small matter, which was apparently listed in a Tribunal.
I prepared like mad for this one. I thought I'll turn to experience and take my father's advice.
When I consulted my father for this case, he made me look at it from a totally new dimension.
 He said ‘Son, have you looked at the section properly, if you read the section well and hard, you will find the answer for your case. Just explain the provisions of law to the Judge.’
Sure enough when I stood up and read the section the way he had told me to, I found that the case was as easy as eating a pancake.
The Judge nodded in agreement in what I had explained to him, and I won my first case.
As soon as came home, I touched my father’s feet out of gratitude. This was what experience was all about.
 He had been a Judge in his own time and he saw the case in its real perspective, free from any bias. 
He always advised me, ‘Son, if you can show the Court 'broad daylight',  why would you need a torch to show them around’, meaning thereby if you can explain the case from the section itself and the whole thing is crystal clear, then why look for ‘case laws’ or ‘precedents’.
 I followed this advice as much as I could to perfection. Sticking to the basics, and placing reliance on case law to the minimum.
Needless to say, I won this first case of mine only on the interpretation shown by my father.
The Judge in fact remarked,''Young man,this was the best interpretation I have come across of this particular section. Keep it up.''
I was thrilled and could only thank my father for all the wisdom he had imparted in the case.
On coming home and after meeting my father, I felt I should share this brilliant achievement of mine with someone..........who else but Alina and I immediately rang her up.
She was more than thrilled, ‘Congrats Viks, I knew you’d win your first case,’ she gushed.
I merely smiled, something she couldn’t see. ‘Thanks Alina, I’m really happy today.’
I was at a loss to say anything further. We made some more small talk before finally disconnecting. 
One thing is certain, nothing is permanent in life.....one lesson I had learnt.....never take life for granted. Sometimes the best solution for a problem lies in 'simply walking away' from the problem itself. 
Alina and my relationship was a 'case in point'.
So for all purposes this ‘rollicking’ love affair was all but over. I had to move on and look around. And look around I did…
End of Chapter Eighteen – A Midsummer’s Love Tale

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