Monday, 15 July 2013

The politics of polarization as being played up.......

The debate has already begun to get polarized.....why is this happening? Because a party called BJP has hit upon an ace (according to their analysis) by the name of Modi.

The idea of adopting him as their brand ambassador is solely his 'brilliant' track record in his pet project State of Gujarat where he has succeeded in polarizing Hindus away from Muslims.

There could be a hundred and one reasons for his victory in Gujarat - among them could be a lack of leadership from the Opposition there and lots of traitors present in their ranks, as is evident of certain Congressmen being induced to cross over to BJP even as late as the election process being underway there.

Apart from that there were reasons that Modi managed to polarize the Hindu vote against the Muslims over there, who as I said earlier due to variety of reasons got the votes in his favor.

The trick worked there and Cong was blamed that due to the phrase 'maut ka saudagar' being used against Modi they lost the earlier election, and the Hindus rallied in support of him and he won on sympathy. Could be that people were fooled in the name of Gujarati pride to perceive him as their benefactor and vote for him.......and so in the recently concluded Gujarat election Cong kept quiet about the alleged murderous antecedents of Modi and didn't attack him personally, but yet they lost the elections due to lack of leadership alternatives and large scale polarization, as well as deceit. Analysis showed that people wanted a viable alternative and although Congress got a fair amount of seats and votes yet Modi managed to scrape through although with a lesser number of seats than last time.

The win however seemed to have galvanized and fired Modi's political imagination to a feverish pitch - he now felt he could aspire for the Country's top post by playing the same games he had played in Gujarat. The policy of divide and rule, polarization as well as spreading the canard of development through a well oiled machinery of advertising agents at his disposal which included social networks as well as top media journalists working at his 'behest.'

To top it all the local and national media who were itching for a fight between Cong vs who, and were smarting after Anna's miserable failure as a leader of national fame, saw the opportunity in Modi to be pitted against Cong.

Thus started the long planned moves to somehow project Modi's drive, his illusory development, his magic his charade and so on coupled with his national ambition, and projection of a national savior like image. Vested journalists having a new found love for the emerging Gujarat 'icon', mostly from English media and a few others were carefully & craftily drafted in to project the Rambo like image of the messiah. The plan was to cover his yatra before elections by latching on to him and covering his 'huge' fan base so to say. A lady senior group editor of a prominent English channel and another male senior group editor of another English media took turns to project his histrionics through belligerent yet carefully planned episodes so as not to arouse the peoples suspicion as well as their ire. Trips were planned to Gujarat to show the reaction of the minority community there post the riots and how they had indeed 'moved' on.... the 'ghettos' created in the name of minority civilizations were clearly sidelined and only those people were handpicked and interviewed who had business interests with the Government.

All this hypocritical activity was picked up by other media too who saw in this the story of the decade little realizing the dis service they were causing to the national secular fabric of this great Country, which strives in unity in diversity.

Why can't they realize once and for all that journalists too need to think out of their brains and their brains shouldn't be in their feet but in the right place.

 Who are these people trying to project as the savior? A highly complicated person suspected of alleged mass genocide, having engineered several alleged gruesome encounters most of them alleged to be fake, of fairly innocent people almost all belonging to the Muslim community.

Don't these journalists realize that by propelling a person of doubtful antecedents on to the unsuspecting majority and minority of this Country they are actually being part of a deeper malaise and a conspiracy hatched by those very people who are known for fanning communal agenda in this Nation. These people whose only aim is to somehow gain power by hook or by crook.

So rightly or wrongly Modi has been foisted upon the people and now every word uttered by him is being broadcast by every media as if their very life depends upon it. Every attempt is being made to project Modi as a larger than life image and the Cong and their allies as weak incompetent fools.

Modi by his recent actions has shown that he will continue to make provocative statements derived to polarize the Hindu vote against the minority community....he will continue to fan his religious and communal agenda as he did in Gujarat to prop up his image as the savior of Hindus....all this of course has the blessings of the media, who have unfortunately taken this as a TRP exercise instead of a fight against communal politics. The blessings of the people in Nagpur, the RSS is of course there as otherwise senior party leaders like Advani or Sushma wouldn't have been sidelined or subjugated into silence. It is as if the whole political class has got hypnotized by this one phenomenon.....

Past events clearly show that Modi is working on a well thought out communal plan of attacking the minorities and then grandstanding himself as the savior - the attacks upon him which follow by the other secular parties as a result really don't affect him or his party at all as they are known anti Muslims and their ideology is well known.

So what does one do in a situation like this....either one assumes that the voter in this Country will understand on their own and wait till the cows come home, or educate the voters from now on, that the social fabric of our Country is based on tolerance towards each other and not ascendancy of one religious view over the other as BJP seems to allegedly profess. The voter especially the youth needs to be educated regarding the value of our freedom, the secular fabric of our great Nation and the sacrifice which Bapu had to give to maintain the secular credentials of our Nation. In fact the very party professing to be savior today is actively involved in the painful elimination of the Father of the Nation.

The youth need to be educated that false propaganda in the name of wrong governance and throwing the bogey of fantastic development and super governance by Gujarat leadership shouldn't allow them to be swayed over to such an extent as to elect a monster which would destroy the secular credentials and polity of our Country and push us in an era where we would be worse than the Taliban next door.

The youth need to be educated that good governance is not all about what the media is trying to tell them but what is actually the situation on the ground, even in Gujarat. The situation is not what Modi is trying to tell them but a falsehood check on facts and figures with reality needs to be carried out before they lap and clap at every falsehood uttered at the dais.

Another disturbing fact is that although the BJP is in the Opposition they behave as if they control the entire political setup as well as the debate in this Country. As a result we see frequent and repeated adjournments of Parliament with no work being done and the Govt policies not being fully implemented.

A situation where it is presumed that the BJP would be dictating terms to the Govt of the manner in which democratic proceedings have to function and the agenda would be set by them instead of being vice versa.

This dangerous trend has to be reversed here and now and the divisive politics of Modi have to be full stopped before things take a turn for the worse.

So next time you hear or are fed a fiery speech don't get overwhelmed by the immediate effects but analyse the contents without fear or favor and then take an informed decision.

The social fabric of this Nation is far more important than the political aspirations of an individual out to divide this Country on religious and fundamentalist patterns.

Cheers to this sentiment...

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