Saturday, 17 December 2011


PM says working day and night to introduce Lokpal Bill in Parliament, as early as on Monday, and no one should doubt our sincerity towards the cause of Lokpal. Has he taken into account the strategy of BJP and its associates to accomplish indirectly what they could not achieve directly, through Anna.
Please understand Mr Prime Minister, Anna party has a bigger agenda on hand, its a long term plan, a web spun for the Govt,  to isolate it to such an extent that ultimately it can hand over power to BJP on a platter. The people have found a crusader in Anna. The youth of the country is frustrated and generally angry, they could have been channelized by Rahul Gandhi, but he has not generally risen to the occasion. Can't be blamed, since he was kept under wraps for so long, that he will now take time to learn the nitty gritty of politics. This feeling has been channelized by Anna and his men, the youth today is a rebel without a cause, and they love an undercurrent of rebellion attached to any movement. Govt bashing has therefore become a passion with one and all.

What the Govt should do : 
Although I'am nobody to advise the Govt, however as a concerned citizen, I can think aloud and hope the Govt will sit up and take notice. Firstly take charge, as they say, take the bull by the horns and then tame it. I don't have to tell you who the bull here is!

Think rationally, the people today are not fools, they are well informed, and they are guided by perception. So please make policy guidelines, consult your 'allies' well in advance and when you are ready, go for the kill.

People will respect you for the 'feel good factor' as and when you start generating it. Explain to the people, through public platforms, speeches and the media what your policies are, why you need to introduce certain Bills, why FDI is good for the country or vice versa, your plan to bring down inflation, which is working now, the long term plan towards economic growth, the plan to stabilize the rupee and so forth.

Tackle issues like corruption, price rise on a high priority, the people especially youth should get the feeling that the Govt is not lagging behind, and has the answer to almost everything, I repeat, almost everything.

If you are proactive in your approach, take sensible decisions, and are generally in tune with the people of India, you are on the right track, and then people of Civil Society would merge in everyday society and gradually fade away.

So don't take the people for a ride, build their confidence instead, and see the result. Cheers.

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