Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is the Indian woman today really liberated

Is the Indian woman really liberated today? Can she really claim parity with men in this regard ? Question we should be asking is, are men ready to accept that women are liberated, is he ready to accept that women today need to be free from" his clutches". A man is free to party, he's free to flirt, free to take independent decisions, and generally lead his life as he wants it to be. But what happens to the woman, is she free to do the same ? Can the woman today take free independent decisions, can she speak her mind freely without having to think twice, take decisions which involve financial stakes, decisions of far reaching consequences, and generally game changing decisions. Let alone these major decisions, is the woman today free to take equally small and insignificant decisions like what she intends to buy, what she wants to eat, what she should wear, choose her friends, parties to attend, chose her companions, likes and dislikes, and generally how she runs her sex life, without being monitored.

A man perhaps would not think twice before having a fling, or taking advantage out of a compromising situation, which involves a lady. Don't think, if a man gets the opportunity to sleep with a beautiful woman,he would let go of that opportunity. Consider the same situation with a lady. If she got an opportunity to sleep with a man, she would perhaps think multiple times before going ahead with it, she will perhaps weigh the pros and cons associated with the situation, and even if she goes ahead with it, will keep feeling guilty about it for ages to come. The woman always has to suppress her desires, whether sexual, personal, financial or those relating to her household. Why does she always have to depend on a male to help her take that decision, or in most cases not to take the decision. Either it's a father, a brother or a husband, the woman always has to bend a little and show that she is the one who would have to compromise in case of a tie.

Let's take the case of a woman who for some reason (and does there have to be any reason) feels attracted to a male who is probably not connected or bound to her by any personal ties. It is natural sometimes for a lady to feel attracted towards the member of an opposite sex for various reasons. It may not be necessarily sexual, it could be a compatibility issue, perhaps she may feel more comfortable in the company of another male friend, with whom she can share her innermost desires, her innermost feelings. Would her husband, father or brother, or any other male in her life, be willing to listen to her feelings, would he be willing to accommodate her desires? Would he be able to understand that the person he calls his wife,sister or daughter, may occasionally have to let go of her feelings and she may also have some inner desires, some fantasies, some dreams/aspirations, which she wants to fulfill. In case she shares this intent/wish with the man closest to her, would it be reciprocated in the right way. Would the man in her life understand her feelings and let her go ahead with her wishes. I have my doubts if she would be able to make her own choices. Therefore to say, that the woman of today is really liberated, is an understatement. For a woman to really liberate herself, it's the man who will have to change himself first. If the man in her life decides to accept that a woman today also has certain instincts, desires, feelings,hopes,dreams and fantasies that she has to fulfil or may want to fulfil, it is then and only then that the woman would be truly liberated. Unless that sea change happens, the woman will never feel liberated, no matter how many' Dirty Pictures' we may make or hold discussions on the subject, or protest that women also have a right to express herself, whether expressly or implicitly. 

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