Monday, 19 December 2011


After much deliberation, I dedicate my next post to my pets. I have a small dog, a white Spitz, and have named him Snowy. I remember the first time I met him was at a Nainital hotel in the year 2000. I was taking a walk in the lush green garden of my hotel early in the morning when I saw these small amazing pups playing in the field nearby. They were white in colour and extremely fluffy and playful. Their mother, whom I came to know later, was called Rinky, was lying stretched out next to them, as if guarding her booty.

When she saw me approaching her family, she looked up suspiciously, as if sizing me up and gauging my reactions to her small little pups. She needn't have bothered, as I was a maverick dog lover, who flips at the sight of cute dogs. As I approached nearer, I stopped some distance away from the pups, observing them play and bite each other playfully. At this point of time, out jumped this playful inquisitive creature, who was destined to travel with me and came running up to me. He just wouldn't leave me alone, biting at my pants and playfully climbing up on my toes. His playful manner and his innocent tactics struck a chord immediately and I decided to adopt him there and then. I enquired who the owner was and found that the mother was being looked after by a family,who worked for the hotel I was staying in. I struck a deal and immediately picked up the cute little pup and named him Snowy, for his delicate white colour and because I was very fond of Tintin and his dog Snowy.I don't know why but he reminded me of the comics I had read all through my childhood. Mission having been accomplished, I set about arranging for a small basket in which my little pet could be carried through my journey to my hometown.

We had to leave Nainital the next day via Ranikhet, and so stopped at the golf grounds in Ranikhet. As soon as I set Snowy down on the ground he went away running exploring the length and breadth of the vast ground now available before him. It was as if I had purchased the entire ground for him and he was the master of all. Yapping away with joy he ran at breakneck speed to cross the entire ground within seconds of his release. Amazed at his speed and agility, I ran after him, afraid that he might get run over by someone or some stray dog might attack him from nowhere. After a lot of running, Snowy decided to stop and started rolling all over enjoying the green grass and the freedom he was able to achieve in the vast ground before him. How I reached my hometown with Snowy concealed in the basket is another story, which I  reserve for the next post. If you see my Twitter photograph, which was taken just six months ago, you can see that I'm holding Snowy in my arms. Cheers.

I have one small little bird called Sapna who is incidentally also known as the Australian lovebird. She has been with me for over more than a year now and is a very happy-go-lucky bird. Incidentally I started with four birds, but released three about six months ago, which I realise was a mistake, as I really don't know their fate thereafter. I was told by the person from where I had purchased the birds  that they normally don't survive the onslaught,of the already existing birds in the sky and are usually attacked by them. I hope nothing of the sort has happened and they are safe wherever they are.More about the antics of  Sapna in my next post as there is a lot to describe.

Snowy in the same golf ground at Ranikhet 6 months ago.
I also have a fish aquarium in which I have 4 fish right now.


  1. Lovely adorable pet you've got VikramJi! I hope you will post more about your other pets too. Its very heart warming and pleasing reading such posts.

  2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comments. Definitely will post. I want Radiant also to join my blog. I haven't told her about it yet. Thanks again. Looking forward to some posts from u also