Monday, 23 December 2013

The Aam Aadmi Party - its ascendancy and challenges ahead


A historic day in the history of post Independence Indian politics has dawned with the advent of #Aam Aadmi Party winning 28 seats in the just concluded Delhi Assembly Elections. They received among other things the outside support of the Indian National Congress which won 8 seats. Together they form the magic number of 36 seats needed to form a Govt in Delhi. As if destiny had laid out plans to bring them together in this elections.

I consider Congress support to AAP as the need of the hour and the requirement thrown up by the seats given to each of them by the electorate. It's not as some vested interests are making it out to be an 'unholy alliance' or an opportunistic act. Basically the ideology of AAP and the Congress is same and the Congress has walked the extra mile in seeking to fulfill this - the Food Security Act and a host of other welfare measures is proof enough of that. Its only that the Congress has not been able to dispel the myth that a large number of problems which the people face today is due to them. The arrogance which stems from remaining in power for far too long has simply added to their problems. To top it all they don't have a beating stick with which they could wallow somebody with. Anyway that's the problem which the Congress will sort out with passage of time as they have a capable leader in the form of Rahul Gandhi. He will make sure that his party men learn from their mistakes and propel the party forward. This is more important than just fulfilling constitutional obligations. There has to be a drive to succeed and let the people know that the Congress is the solution rather than the problem. The false notion has to be dispelled.

The BJP which had won the largest seats in Delhi totalling 32 took the 'high moral ground' and 'refused' to form the Govt in the vain hope that if they back away the world would come to an end. Considering their past conduct when Yeddy needed the MLA's to support him this sort of 'eyewash' is simply being done with an eye towards the coming Lok Sabha polls in 2014. After all Dr. Fix It is now coordinating everything from Gujarat so there's no dearth of out of the box ideas.

Enough of destructive politics....its time to look ahead. Congress has at least realized its obligation towards the people of Delhi and given support to AAP to form a Govt and fulfill some of the aspirations which everyone is looking forward to. The referendum they carried out also supports this view. So whatever the 'doomsday pariahs' may say (and if I don't have a worse word I'm sorry) the people of Delhi deserve a good transparent Govt - they wanted the AAP and now they have the AAP. The Congress party simply recognized the desire of the people and have gallantly extended 'outside support.'

The hawks should realize this and let the reigns of democracy take over. In fact its a positive sign for the common man - when was the last time you saw ordinary people taking over the reigns of democracy - they have actually been elected by the #Aam Aadmi - so don't take them lightly. I find it extremely heartening that for once the people have spoken and acted to elect a Govt of their own choice. All those criticizing this are no less than 'anti nationals'. If people have spoken and elected the party of their choice and liking, nobody has the right and prerogative to question that choice. After all this is what 'participatory democracy' is all about. All those making fun of these people winning these seats don't really want change. Are the rich only entitled to win seats and come to power? Do those who speak English and make life miserable for people with their manipulation only entitled to come to power?

The answer is there for all to see and its a big emphatic no.....In fact it makes me tremendously happy to see people from the grassroots being elected and come to power. They come from the people and if allowed to perform fearlessly will become the true voice of the people they represent.

The AAP should now take the reigns and rule well - They have reached till here and will lead well. Now they have to think ahead and prepare for the Lok Sabha polls in 2014. The States where the BJP is in power need the most cleansing as the maximum corruption is prevalent there according to reports. The flurry created by modi has simply lead to massive corrupt practices with absolutely no check as there is no effective Lok Ayukta there or any other authority to check them. Unlike the Centre where the BJP is always asserting its high moral ground there's absolutely no check on the States where the BJP is in power as the Opposition there, mostly the Congress is just sitting pretty and not highlighting the mistakes of the BJP Govt. This is a fallacy and needs to be filled in.

The AAP along with the Congress can fill in this space provided as a viable Opposition in BJP ruled States. Even in States like UP and Bihar the AAP can give tough competition to all present in the fray.

Whatever one may say, the AAP is a viable alternative and is here to stay. It will give the political parties something to ponder about and improve their conduct if they can. It should give impetus to the big media houses also to stop being cynical about peoples democracy otherwise the day is not far when the people will literally take the media to task for making fun of participatory democracy. Media should realize they have a duty towards the common people irrespective of their commercial interests fact its a shame that the media is picking up favorites and attacking their rivals in order to benefit some powerful individuals who if allowed to come to power will destroy the very existence of what India stands for....

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