Monday, 7 October 2013

The progress of India


India today faces multitude problems - but the solutions are also forthcoming - although slowly but steadily....whosoever says India won't prosper or is not prospering is really an enemy of the State - these people really don't know what they're talking about.
It's a fact that India has a host of problems to resolve and any and every step towards resolving a problem is a small step forward - in the right direction.
People who keep criticizing the Congress party for being anti people and not working for the poor need to be more informed regarding the work done by the Congress for the welfare of the common people the man on the street.
All this talk of empowerment of women and children is not mere talk so far as the Congress is concerned - they are doing a lot of work for the poor and down trodden - the result is very much visible.
Here a small appeal needs to be made to voluntary organizations and people with 'integrity' left in them to come forward and help in the re building of India as much as possible.
The real problem lies in uplifting the weaker sections as well as the work force of India - the people who build your bridges, your roads, your buildings, your fly overs -  keep your city clean, manage your traffic, keep your drains clean....
All these are the essential workforce of #India - just imagine the importance of their work...they are the ones who keep India ticking - although its a fact that they also need to take their work more seriously....
So keep working - for their uplift as they work for the progress of India - then only we can truly give back to our Nation what it truly gives to us.....Cheers!

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