Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Snowy loves a car ride

Another anecdote of my Snowy.....whenever he's not eating his food I tell him Snowy we are going out in the car....he loves going for a drive and is generally miserable if left back. As soon as he hears this, he'll start gobbling his food down, and he's such a pet he won't rest till he's finished the last morsel.
After that he'll go bounding up and stand at the door, waiting to be chained to be taken down...
Who would want to leave him behind after such cute and honest activities, and leaving him would entail breaking his trust, which is an awful thing to do...
Sometimes it so happens, Snowy can't be taken out - for obvious reasons either the meeting is important or pets are not allowed there.....in that case the explaining starts.....'Look Snowy, please you can't go with me today, stay at home and look after the house, okay baby...'
Surprisingly Snowy will understand and get under the table. It's really surprising how he can understand Hindi and English but sometimes won't know head or tail of his own lingo.....
A piece of advice to all pet lovers and owners - never take your pets for granted - keep them with the care and love they deserve
Cheers for now!

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