Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Remembering Rajiv.............20th August 1944 - 21st May 1991


20th August 1944.......We observe the birth anniversary of the great visionary and Son of India - Rajiv Gandhi......A loving husband, a doting father, a great human being and above all a far sighted visionary and Statesman who had the dint and capacity to look into the future.
Had he been alive today, most of India's progress would have happened at breakneck speed but things have started coming on track now.
Better late than never. When running a Nation as vast and diverse as India, one has to be far sighted and quick in their decision making. Most importantly you have to be sure of your decisions and make them stick. This is what Rajiv Gandhi's dreams and his vision for India was all about!
We maybe staggering at times, but at least the track is right.
The goal of Nation Building will be reached and then consolidated as its a continuous process!
No body can rest on their laurels. We need to make things keep happening all the time!
With landmark Bills which are pro people like the Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, Right to Shelter and Social Security on the anvil, Indian citizens should look forward to a much better and economically prosperous Nation!
A sound Health policy both for the urban and rural people which is being formulated will ensure better health facilities for all.
Sanitation, better Drinking Facilities, Irrigation are some of the other things required to be worked upon.
In the times to come, we will be able to reap the fruits of the labor being put in now.
 Rajiv Gandhi stressed on education with thrust on technology and started the computer revolution. The results are there for everybody to see. Much more needs to be done by all of us....not just the Government.
It's the duty of all to join in the process of Nation Building......Do it well......Cheers!

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