Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Let Sarabjit Singh be in peace.......

Sarabjit Singh is now no more....cruelly snatched away by the handful of hate spitting marauders who were incited and consumed by their own hate filled passions in Pakistan.

It's difficult to say if Sarabjit would have lived had he been repatriated to India for treatment, or if he would have been sent to a third Country for medical treatment.

However one thing is aptly clear that we are dealing here with a 'rogue' state which has no respect left for emotions, human values or relationships. What it basically believes in is the politics of hate, revenge and self satiation.


It's difficult to say what propelled these immediate feelings of hatred and revenge against India in the state of Pakistan, but it's crystal clear that events in India leading to the hangings of Kasab and Afzal Guru played a crucial part in it.

Ask as to who brought about these excruciating feelings of hatred in both these Countries.... and undeniably the finger points towards the media, present in abundance in both places, and of course to the terror modules operating in Pakistan as well as in our very own territory.

The way the media took off on stories appearing here as well as across the border after these twin executions in India, it was clear that the life of Sarabjit could be in danger.

That is precisely what happened. Passions were already high, communal feelings were stoked and Sarabjit was the hapless victim.

In fact I would go to this extent to say that had his release not been so hyped and had it not been made so political by the media of both the Countries, Sarabjit Singh would have been a free man by now.

Perhaps he would have been reunited with his now distressed family and staying peacefully in his own land. Alas that was not to be.......

When Chisti was being released for Pak, there were efforts to get Sarabjit released as a humanitarian gesture but the media on both sides blew up the whole matter to such ridiculous proportions that his release had to be deferred indefinitely.

So would it be right to say that irresponsible elements in the media, on both sides were responsible for the killing of Sarabjit?

To some extent the answer is yes.....for fanning the passions of hatred and revenge...which ultimately consumed an innocent life.

Even in his death the 'fanatics' in the media are not sparing him. Politics is being done in the manner in which he was killed and whether his body will be sent back or not?

Some Dalit organizations are spreading their own theory of caste ism for which he had to pay the price with his life.

Fact remains that Sarabjit has been brutally lynched and butchered to death....for reasons which are there for all to see; will his death also be politic ed by the media of both the sides?

I sincerely hope not, in the name of humanity....his family has already suffered a lot....they are totally distraught and emotionally weak....let them be shown some compassion and respect and let the dead be cremated with dignity.....Ameen

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