Sunday, 8 April 2012

My date with Qutub Minar!


I used to pass the Qutub Minar nearly twice a week on my way to my Guruji's Ashram in Chattarpur and would feel kinda 'ashamed' and guilty every time I looked at it,and simply 'passed by'. National and International tourists it seemed were mocking me that staying in the Capital you still haven't ventured to see one of the most beautiful and protected monuments of India. Even the Qutub Minar was 'beckoning' me it seemed. I had last gone there as a strapping lad just out of school, accompanied by a very good friend of my father. That time we stayed in Alld.
Well, my childhood was 'revisited', my memories of the young lad came flooding back, although I'am still young and strapping but, of course.....! The Qutub Minar was still the same, more beautiful than ever, tall and majestic. Only thing I found irritating was the 'continuous' flights from on top of a 'protected monument'. Should be slightly diverted, so as NOT to pass directly over Qutub. Please see that it is stopped immediately, or diverted away from the Qutub. So thank you God for the resurrection. Cheers! 

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