Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Exercise Caution and Discretion on Facebook/Twitter

 Good morning ladies and gentlemen!good to be posting something after such a longtime. actually, to tell you the truth I've been awfully busy. What with my work, and you know how a lawyer's work is, busy till the last. Although fortunately I have a good staff to assist me in my work and I also have partners so the load of the work is evenly distributed but still I don't get too much time to write. As you also know I love to write on Twitter as well as on Facebook and that also takes up much of my time. Although what I do is that I carry my laptop and my blackberry along with me and I also have all the news channels subscribed to, so that as and when  and whenever I get the chance, I just catch up on the latest news and views on various topics and try and fill in my views, whatever they are worth.

Actually a funny incident happened yesterday, can't call it too funny either,more appropriate to call it a nasty experience which actually forced me to write this piece in the form of a clarification. There was this lady, who had created a page for a drama show at India Habitat Center and without thinking I just pressed on the join button and that is where I made my first major mistake. After joining I started getting regular updates from this lady when she was going on continuously posting within a gap of 5 min, imploring and begging people to attend and  giving snapshot after snapshot of the various scenes which made up the play. I let it rest at that, because I thought since it's her first attempt and she must be advertising it. Later in the evening, and she had barely managed to attract 20 people and she was full volume at it,so I sent her a tweet, suggesting that she should not go overboard with the advertising as otherwise she would lose whatever people are going to come. I also happened to mention that she already had a good-looking crowd and hoped that I would be getting a good seat, enjoying a frontal view. After that what do I see, in the night when I open my Facebook account that  she has sent me a direct message asking me to delete my post on the comment I made on the audience. And believe me fortunately there was no individual comment on any of the audience or ladies, and whatever was said by me has already been incorporated above regarding my suggestion to her not to advertise too much. Therefore I sent her back a message that you seem to be under some misconception, and you should not be killing your audience with all this bullshit. After half an hour I got another direct message from  this uncouth lady saying that she had deleted all my posts, although I'd posted none and some other nasty words. Then I promptly replied back to her that if this is the way she could treat her audience, then thank you I'am better off not coming to her 'so called play,'and I removed my name from the joining list. The next moment I find that she is sending me hate mail on Twitter and  posting messages that people should block me and I've been harassing ladies and other rubbish. I started getting immediate hate mail from her cronies too. I promptly posted a tweet that this lady seems to have lost her marbles, her play is all bullshit, and believe me I also came to know that it is only 15 min duration. For cheap publicity, these people create a page on Facebook and then try and hoodwink people into attending their sick play in the garb off the play being free. I could have easily taken legal action against this uncouth lady and her cronies, who had also in the meantime started sending me hate mail as well as sick messages.

Although I'm not going to this play now but I'd like to caution others who planned to go there, that this kind of totally unprofessional and  uncouth behavior will not be tolerated by any right-thinking citizen, more so by me as I belong to the legal fraternity and I can easily haul this sick woman on a large number of charges, which substantially stand proved. I would also request forums like Twitter and Facebook not to provide a handle for such uncouth and unprofessional souls to vent out their frustration and anger. All those people who plan to go to this sick woman's play should go there at their own peril and risk. Through the medium of this blog I would like to caution this lady to desist from such incorrigible behavior as well as not to indulge in character assassination, which could lead to disastrous results for her and her sick team. Good luck and Cheers to everybody who have been saved by opting out! 

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