Thursday, 13 February 2014

to be in 'love' or not to be.......

Valentine's Day is it a day to cringe or celebrate? is it the day to shy away or draw back in the name of it being just another day? 

Hope not. Just like any birthday, anniversary, or celebration is not just another day, so is this day...its kind of special, holds a special moment in the hearts of everyone.

Whether it entails any expenditure or not is immaterial - after all love is not a commodity to be brought and sold over a gift counter or an outing which can be enjoyed in a restaurant - its the culmination of feelings which overflow in the name of a day - a day dedicated only to love - so get up and celebrate - these are some of the days which lift you out of the mundane and the ordinary ruckus which everyday life envelops all around you....

A day well spent in the company of your beloved will go towards enhancing the memory bank you hold within yourself.

All the best and never look back in love

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