Friday, 24 January 2014

Empower the Pradhans for India to progress.....#RahulGandhi at Wardha

                                  Image and post Courtesy : Indian National Congress

Wardha, Maharashtra – Leaders of Local Bodies need to be involved in political decision making if democracy had to be strengthened in the country, Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi said on Friday in Wardha.
Speaking to representatives of local bodies at the party’s open election manifesto event, Shri Gandhi said local bodies should be given more powers if the country’s political system had to work better.
“Decision making of political parties should include representatives of local bodies. Their voice should be heard by political parties. I will get this done hundred percent,” Rahul Gandhi assured village Pradhans and other local leaders from across India.
Shri Gandhi said that local leaders were not consulted when parties identified their candidates for State Assembly and Parliament. He pointed out that the Congress party was initiating a new process to select candidates from 15 parliamentary constituencies, where it would take into account the views of local leaders and party members.
The task before us today is to make the voice of the MP powerful in the Lok Sabha, the voice of the MLA powerful in the Assembly and the voice of the Pradhan powerful in the village, according to Rahul Gandhi.
Shri Gandhi said that for India to become a superpower it must do three things. First, empower millions of grassroots level workers and elected representatives. Second, empower women, who constitute 50 per cent of India’s population. And third, provide systematic employment to the youth.
Close to 300 elected representatives from Panchayati Raj institutions had gathered in Wardha to give their inputs and suggestions.For the past one month, the Congress party and Shri Rahul Gandhi have been holding dialogue with different groups to incorporate their suggestions in the manifesto.

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